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  1. #351
    Kenshindono Guest


    Here is your reupload with some mirror, http://jheberg.net/captcha/dlc-tox-work-in-progress-2/

    Password is still the same, the nickname

    And that's the psn link of the US version of the game but it's already been reported that it should not bring anything new or useful for the undub : http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...QYTBtsflVu.pkg

    Might works by tweaking it with the Euro Eboot...

  2. #352
    manywelps Guest
    The US version seems to behave identically to the EU version, which makes sense,considering the EU and US TLDAT's have the same checksum.

  3. #353
    Emiya Shirou Guest
    which version is better for the undubing the jap, usa or eur?

  4. #354
    manywelps Guest
    We don't know yet. You'll certainly need the JPN version if you're going to do the undub yourself.

  5. #355
    Emiya Shirou Guest
    yea I only need the us or eur version now, but tales of graces was much easier to undub from the jap version for me, idk yet is this one will be the same

  6. #356
    Karrion Guest
    I don't know if there's been no progress today.

  7. #357
    Wildbreed Guest
    Like i said before we are presently working on it. Its taking some time... as for the progress we somewhat have found out too a small extent what is making the cut-scenes lose the sfx.. and are currently working to find a workaround..

  8. #358
    OrangeFlavored Guest
    If you're interested in working on it or checking progress might want to go to the IRC channel, people working on it discussing it there.

  9. #359
    Karrion Guest
    I'd like a lot to work on it, but I don't have much idea about ps3 filesystems or things like that, but if there's something I can do, I will, now that I have both the EUR and JP versions.

    Sorry if I offended the people working on it

  10. #360
    donkatsu Guest
    If I remember right, it took awhile before a perfect dub of ToGf was done. Compared to that, it looks like to me ToX undub is steps ahead compared to ToGf. Makes sense considering people learned a lot from trying to undub ToGf.

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