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  1. #341
    Kenshindono Guest
    Nice work Wildbreed, Kokotas currently reduce them down to 271

    Hopefully we will be able to combine yours with his list

    Patience is a virtue

  2. #342
    Nogitsune Guest
    here's a GUI i wrote with java, it's really just a beta for the full thing, currently working with toxpack.exe.

    tox_dir = jp directory , files_dir = Eng directory , output_dir = undub directory. for now only works if the selected output(undub) folder does "Not Exist". (if it does toxpack.exe asks you to input Yes, which I couldn't simulate)

    there is an issue with the log, I could not make it read and write simultaneously. so the program might run with no visual feedback until its done. Mamu please take a look and let me know what you think. I know its a sorry excuse of a program but i just started learning


  3. #343
    TheGreatNeko Guest
    Hmm somewhat new to this stuff, could you please explain how to use this? This GUI is used to create an undub right?

  4. #344
    mao6666 Guest
    excuse me sir / maam i just wanna ask if you will be able to post a dlc for the eu version of xillia? if there is one can you give me a link? super thanks in advance

  5. #345
    bocam Guest
    So USA PSN version is the exact same as the european version?

  6. #346
    manywelps Guest
    When unpacked, the US disk has an identical number of files and identical filesizes to the EU version.

    So do we have a method for a working undub? The Java program doesn't seem to have a method for making an undub.

    Delete "0144287.TSDSE4" only?

  7. #347
    Wildbreed Guest
    No don't do that..Just hold on for some more time... We are still working on it.

  8. #348
    higher87 Guest
    we are not really done making a perfect undub yet, if you try to do what we have done so far you will either have to choose between some skits being in english or soundefffects during cutscenes not working.

    didn't test the java program but i'm guessing you cannot use it without having the toxpack.exe in the same folder or so, and all it does is give you a gui to an otherwise commandline program. you would still need to unpack the japanese audio files, choose the right audio files and repack them into the english files.

  9. #349
    Nogitsune Guest
    I already explained, its only a GUI and only a prototype of the real thing at that. I just posted it here for people and mainly Mamu to take a look. I'm making it to replace the need for tutorials later on when a method is found.

    Mamu can you please post your sourcecode is possible?

    also I can make scripts with java for reading and renaming files, and some such basic stuff (still too noob for anything grand) so if any of the testers need anything "functionalized" or batch processing, let me know

  10. #350
    Karrion Guest
    Shouldn't it have less files given that it has only one language or does the EUR ver come with only english too?

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