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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    higher87 Guest
    testing kokotas's 182 file removal didnt fix sound effect but all active skits i had already seen ( stored in the library) were in jap, which is around 36 main mission and some sub and etc skits.

    testing the 500 file removal did fix sound effects, and all main quest skits i had were jap, but almost all sub & etc skits were in english.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Great job testing this higher87, well the main reason is that there is too many files removed (374 files removed) & that's way too much... of course JPN Skit dialogue would be affected & replaced by original english version. That's why we need to reduce the number of files deleted and try to keep the music & sfx on cutscenes.

    Let's do our best

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    OrangeFlavored Guest
    Have you seen any actual skits replaced by English? I only played a bit after that point (and didn't bother going back to the beginning) but all skits with the 374 replacement seemed Japanese to me. If we're lucky those 374 could have just been sound effects and BGM anyway and it wouldn't matter.

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    higher87 Guest
    well as i said, all non main quest skits apart from maybe one, was in english, so all those sidequest skits or other non main story ones. those called sub & etc skits under library ingame.

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    OrangeFlavored Guest
    Oh, I see. Didn't know that.

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    kokotas Guest
    After removing tsdse4 files with no WAVE data, we're down to 351:

    Still a lot...

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    donkatsu Guest
    ToX is just coming out and mamu and the company already working on the undub! Looks like I'm way late for the party again I remember those hours of extracting, repacking, installing game data on ps3, and running that java tool made by mamu to move the skit text around to sync things properly.

    Good times. I have the Japanese version with me and I'll be picking up the English version today. Hope to test things when I get the chance. Looks like undubbing Tox will be a challenge again.

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    Nogitsune Guest
    Mamu. I'm trying to write an independent GUI for toxpack. I've already finished everything, there is only one problem.I'm trying to get the text you output after executing the command with ProcessBuilder(command).start(); and showing it in a JTextArea. and no matter what i do, BufferReader doesn't read your output line by line. and waits for the whole thing to finish before showing it.

    could you please tell me how are you handling the output? are you using a buffer, or outputting each line as a new line?

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    Wildbreed Guest
    ok here is a summary of my testing so far... Of those 500 files i have narrowed them down to 393(i did not bother about the md5 ones)

    i am doing this by arranging the file size in descending order by their file size so far i have only managed to work on the files less then 300kb

    All files up 265kb size among those 500 have no issues with any voices and all sounds work perfectly (i.e u can switch them with the English ones)(around 70 files)(this is up to the first cut-scene where jude and milla meet)

    After that i started having problem with these 3 files namely 0144287.TSDSE4, 0144314.TSDSE4 and 0144315.TSDSE4

    Keeping the latter 2 aside i decided to experiment with the first one so here is what i did i repacked this file along with the 70 files mentioned above with the jp_sounds folder

    the result is i didn't get the effects and music in the cut-scene. However when i removed that file(0144287.TSDSE4) i got back the effects and music.

    However when i reversed this process(kept the 0144287.TSDSE4 file and removed the other 70 files that were less than 265kb) the effects and music in the cutscene still worked...

    so rather then removing the 70 files, i removed that single one. I also wanted to ask what type of files are the TSDSE are they archive files which contain other files in them like winrar (if so is der anyway to open them) or this may be become a lengthy process..

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    geniuschen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshindono View Post
    Password is my nickname
    The link is dead. Can anyone reupload it?


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