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    Going off to bed now, but might as well report that the results of comparing files to find those with very small differences have been somewhat disappointing, at least as far as the 500 (or 374) sensitive ones goes. Too bad, seemed like a good enough idea in theory anyway.

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    Well yesterday 500, today 374 excluding the similar one, hopefully tomorrow we will reduce them again. I still have to test many other of my own combination of files

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    Aug 2013
    So these files out of the 500

    0145187 - 0145194
    0145340 - 0145455

    are exactly the same between the two versions and replacing them doesn't seem to mess anything up

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    so we had trouble because of this messed up file arrangements like huh? well we only had the EU release for now so the file count and arrangement may be higher than usual, but maybe in US version there would be only US language on it.

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    I will have my US version tomorrow, have pulled JPN and EU versions too, will compare and enumerate results.

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    I'm back, was away over the weekend... I will now try to stay on top of this thread. It appears a 3.55 fix is already out for this game posted here for anyone who missed it:

    I may post it to the main page later tonight as well if time permits.

    Update: It's now mainpaged:

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    Was the Graces f undub made over the US version too?

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    I meant to assist with the undub. Do we have a dedicated thread, or are we just hijacking this one?

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    This is the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karrion View Post
    Was the Graces f undub made over the US version too?
    Originally it was made over the JP version because it was the only version that could be played on 3.55 for a long time. I think it switched over in the end when the new batch of CFWs finally started to appear.

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