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    higher87 Guest
    did you test whether skits work ? i did get the cutscene to work with soundeffects and music before, but that comes at the cost of skits both passive and active (passive for ones that start on their own while active for ones you must press select to activate).

  2. #302
    vashin Guest
    Epic great work kenshindono, I'm waiting you guys will finish all the "ongoing" for play it I wish can help but even can't execute the toxthing program (it's open the program and 0.1 sec later it close) so try fix the ongoing will be impossible for me and probably if I try don't have the knowledge for do it

  3. #303
    rexen92 Guest
    you can do it guys.. sorry because i can't help.. i don't know about this.. just supporting.. anyway you guys are awesome.

  4. #304
    Kenshindono Guest
    Great job hohowan, you were able to narrow it down to 501 files it's a prowess! Like you know higher87 is doing the very same work and like we thought with Dlue, this was the solution to be able to find out which are the incriminated files

    Let's narrow it down until we figure out which one cause the problem, meanwhile while playing the game we need to check if this prevent all the cutscenes from losing sfx and music. (be sure to check that all the voices stay in jpn)

    I'am gonna play with the BMS script and the files today like mamu suggest.

    Good luck & good day everyone

  5. #305
    Wildbreed Guest
    Ok Please some1 explain this to me.. When you repack with toxpack The Extracted files are repacked to the ENG USRDIR. SO basically they are just replaced (English TSDSE4 files with the JPN TSDSE4 ones)(renaming included)

    delete these TSDSE4 files: 0144285.TSDSE4 thru 0144449.TSDSE4 (inclusive) and 0145120.TSDSE4 thru 0145455.TSDSE4 (inclusive)

    So since Some of these TSDSE4 files were deleted that means their English counterparts remained intact in the usrdir folder. Means that there ought so be some english voices later on in the game because of this. But this also means that among those remaining English TSDSE4 files, are the files that are responsible to make the cutscene sound effects work. So all that needs to be done is narrow it down..(most annoying task)

    But there is one thing i dont get .. or understand. Are the total no of extracted files same as those of the JPN version of game as i am still downloading the eng version (82% downloading) i have no idea since the JPN version has 2474 files in total

    also after following the normal -x and -r procedures and repacking everything with the JPN Version after renaming. Everything shud've technically worked as even the JPN files should have those cut-scene sound effects in them.
    However since that has not worked it means that JPN cut scenes effects files are not been detected/read. so maybe the renaming process has some issues.

    Once i finish downloading the eng ver i will start looking into this as well..

  6. #306
    Kenshindono Guest
    Need to be tested & checked throughout, while we reduce the number of files. Skits need to continue to be executed since they are passive, that need to get cautious on this point

    Yes there are the same number of audio files on both version

    It's not the renaming process who got issue, but the indexing process, some of the sound files on the jpn release are built differently and the index JPN file is not similar to the euro version probably because of the number of the file, position of the files, structure of the files. and we need to use the euro index file to be able to keep the same structure as the original and play those sounds (since we renamed the JPN files)

    Good luck

  7. #307
    OrangeFlavored Guest
    Been playing with the fix mentioned earlier (removing those 500 files) and just left the first town, no problems so far. Also skits seem to be working fine, not encountered any English voices in anything yet.

  8. #308
    Wildbreed Guest
    I'm at the narrowing it down process now.... Want to reduce those 500 files down as much at possible 100 at a time.

  9. #309
    OrangeFlavored Guest
    I tried that, switching the JP ones back in 150 at a time (by file size order) but no matter which group of 150 I switched it still broke it again.

  10. #310
    Kenshindono Guest

    Big Grin

    The main question here is, who will obtain the big group HUG once he found the file(s) that messed the cutscenes sounds ???

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