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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    stingart Guest
    I do not speak a single word of Japanese, but I suspect that this is what you are looking for:

    Shorty + bikini is sexy as hell.

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    goddessalthena Guest
    Google translated link: to&tl=en&u=

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    goddessalthena Guest
    Just to add some DLC notes (thanks very much for uploading). By my count there were 9 nameless DLCs that contain gald and levels up.

    1. 1,000 gald (found on my list between the materials and the food)
    2. 5 levels up
    3. 5 levels up
    4. 5 levels up
    5. 5 levels up
    6. 10 levels up
    7. 10 levels up
    8. 300,000 gald
    9. 300,000 gald

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    Kenshindono Guest
    There is a 3.55 cfw Fix made by Dlue on the previous page.

    Status of the Undub work on the EURO version of Tales of Xillia (Ongoing) :
    Working : 100% undubbed voices (Japanese) - Music Works - Sound effect works - Skit voices works - Video voices Works - Battle voices works.
    Not Working : Missing Sound effect and Music on cutscenes

    Status of the JPN DLC work on the EURO version of Tales of Xillia (Ongoing) :
    All the DLC works but names of the DLC are not displayed on the game

    Work in progress

    What comes next : Fixing the issue on both, a new Procedure to explain how to Undub the game & a new repacked complete DLC pack with instructions & descriptions

    Hopefully mamu and everyone working on the undub in there will be able to set it up and let everyone enjoy a perfect undub version of this game, keep checking for update & improvement. If you managed to create yours, report any problem you might found while playing the game.

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    rexen92 Guest
    wow guys.. already making for undub.. cannot wait for it.. can you guys teach me how to do the undub.. now i manage to extract the data but now i don't know what to do... which page do you guys start the project??

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    Wildbreed Guest
    Just curious were there any instances till now where the cutscenes worked with music and effects with JP voices?

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    apexcore Guest
    The TOX_Extract.exe errors out when I try to run it on the EU version of the game. Is there another tool that can decrypt the TLDAT file? Thanks.

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    hohowan Guest
    After *much* trial and error (like higher87 did), I got the Jude & Milla 1st meeting cutscene to work with proper sound effects and JP voices.

    1) Extracted to "jp_sounds"
    2) Rename JP files to ENG files.
    3) and then delete these TSDSE4 files: 0144285.TSDSE4 thru 0144449.TSDSE4 (inclusive) and 0145120.TSDSE4 thru 0145455.TSDSE4 (inclusive)
    4) repacked and played up to after the 1st tutorial fight.

    I know this is an ugly solution to cut out so many files, but without more trial and error (or some one else figures this out) I'm off to sleep... Anyone else will to try this out?

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    kokotas Guest
    hohowan, this is amazing. I'm gonna try it out right now!

    For mamu: Mamu I have been playing with the fps4 files you gave us. I noticed that when using the jp fps4 file the BG music works, whereas when using the jp tsdstp file, it doesn't. Which makes me think that there must be another file inside the tsdstp, apart from the fps4, that causes the problem.

    Ok it worked wow! Great job narrowing it down to this hohowan. I'm gonna continue by adding 100 from the jp tsdse4 files each time and see what happens.

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    mamu Guest
    So we talked about the problems yesterday, and like Dlue said, the compressed files don't work after repacking because the game doesn't know how big the file will be after extraction. However, there is a bms script for tlzc decompressing, so use that if you have compressed files (and don't forget tó rename the uncompressed file to match the original one of course).

    After uncompressing, you can use the jp tsdstp file too, but that didn't fixed the problems yet. This could be also used to insert the english text into the jp game.

    apexcore: you are most likely using a very old version, the last toxpack is v1.4

    hohowan: nice work, but I wonder if this causes unexpected english voices somewhere else.

    kokotas: yes, it is some kind of header or configuration file i think but I'm not sure about how it is structured

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