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    rezarhb Guest
    Wow, thank you so much mamu and oxinar to translate tales of xillia

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    DarkLordMalik Guest
    Thank you so much mamu for all your hard work. Especially for Tales of Graces F. It is really nice to see you working on Tales of Xilia too. I am sure you will be successful with this project too.

    Cheers to Oxinar for translating Xilia. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. #23
    vampneo17 Guest
    Wow! keep up the good work guys ^_^, let's hope this project to be successful as the tales of graces F ... where both Mamu & Oxinar really did a FANTASTIC work!


  4. #24
    Dodoro Guest
    Well done, thanks for your hard work!

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    shinintendo Guest

  6. #26
    zhentmd04 Guest
    Any chance you guys will work on Ni No Kuni (another great JRPG) too? The English/EU version is coming out in Jan, 2012. Hopefully Xillia will be released during 1st Qr though, keep up the good work guys!

  7. #27
    shinintendo Guest
    yea Ni No Kuni is truly will be a masterpiece can you take a look at the eboot and check if undub will be possible any time after USA release or will need to be translated separately like tales so far.

  8. #28
    mamu Guest
    the repacker is nearly complete, it will be done in next week.

    Fortunately Ni no Kuni will be released with both english and jap voices

  9. #29
    Oxinar Guest
    Hey mamu, can you test a thing for me? I have two files, One are some values items, things like spell books, card keys, books for skill, this kind of things. The other I think are place names, but I'm having trouble translating them, so could you confirm if they are place names for me?

    Before I translate without knowing what is: http://rghost.net/40016041

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    ireggae Guest


    So how is going on the translating.

    Hey guys, its me ireggae. i can try to upload the games. I already have xillia and graces F.

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