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    Mar 2012
    Wow, thank you so much mamu and oxinar to translate tales of xillia

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    Thank you so much mamu for all your hard work. Especially for Tales of Graces F. It is really nice to see you working on Tales of Xilia too. I am sure you will be successful with this project too.

    Cheers to Oxinar for translating Xilia. Keep up the excellent work.

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    Wow! keep up the good work guys ^_^, let's hope this project to be successful as the tales of graces F ... where both Mamu & Oxinar really did a FANTASTIC work!


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    Aug 2012
    Well done, thanks for your hard work!

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    Any chance you guys will work on Ni No Kuni (another great JRPG) too? The English/EU version is coming out in Jan, 2012. Hopefully Xillia will be released during 1st Qr though, keep up the good work guys!

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    yea Ni No Kuni is truly will be a masterpiece can you take a look at the eboot and check if undub will be possible any time after USA release or will need to be translated separately like tales so far.

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    Jun 2012
    the repacker is nearly complete, it will be done in next week.

    Fortunately Ni no Kuni will be released with both english and jap voices

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    Nov 2011
    Hey mamu, can you test a thing for me? I have two files, One are some values items, things like spell books, card keys, books for skill, this kind of things. The other I think are place names, but I'm having trouble translating them, so could you confirm if they are place names for me?

    Before I translate without knowing what is:

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    So how is going on the translating.

    Hey guys, its me ireggae. i can try to upload the games. I already have xillia and graces F.

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