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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Karrion Guest
    So... What was the result of Kenshindono's experiment with the JP version?

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    mamu Guest
    I just tried the JP game with english SDB files, but it freezes at the very first screen after starting the game (japanese warning about copied games). Also it seems that some buttons have different names it the japanese game, maybe that's why it didn't work.

    Anyway, here is what I did:
    - extracted the SDBENG files from the english game ( 917 files )
    - changed file extension to SDBJPN
    - reduce number in filenames by 3254
    - remove 149597 because it has no JP equivalent
    - rename 149605 to 149599
    - repack

    Quote Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
    Mamu said there are a lot of new files, does that mean that the English release has extra content?
    I don't think so. There are no new models, skits or DLCs, just textures. While ~1600 new textures might sound a lot, that's actually less than 10% of the original texture files (18000). I guess these are the translated textures, like area and town names.

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    higher87 Guest
    i'm not having much luck either. for half the files that contain the story voices, when i split them to 3 (around 230 each) i could mix any 2 out of 3 and have sound effects work , if 1 is for voices, then 1-2 or 1-3 works with voices&effects and 23 works for effects while having eng voices. however mixing the 3 to one makes sound effects go away. using just part 1 + 2 or 3 without the rest of the other files which are around 600-700 files means that skits active and passive become english.

    when i split the files with skit voices to 2 parts, one had jap voices for passive skits while the other had for active, but both of them had no sound effects, so it seems like several files are to blame for soundeffect loss in cutscenes. not sure if there is one file pointing on sound files which causes the problem, but i dont think i can try much more unless i made packs file by file to check further .... >.>
    hope someone finds out something.

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    Karrion Guest
    So, no progress? Man, I feel bad for not being able to help, since both versions are still downloading.

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    Dlue Guest
    I found that some of the Japanese text files are compressed while the English equivalents are not. It might be that the game expects those files to be compressed, and fails when they are not.

    Further testing with a file that is compressed in both versions (the one that contains the menu text). Seems to freeze the game. So there is something else that causes it.

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    stingart Guest
    Kenshindono's complete DLC pack has been tested.

    - CFW: 4.46

    What works:
    - All costumes DLC
    - All Level up & Gald DLC
    - All attachments

    It's still not perfect
    - When you want to activate the DLC items, no names pop up.
    - When you want to equip a costume or attachment, it doesn't display a name.

    When using the DLC
    - Glasses & wings icons are attachment items.
    - Hats & costume icons are appearence items.
    - An empty box with X - Yes O - is either a level up or gald item. (Empty boxes could do more that I haven't seen yet)

    Do not activate the empty boxes if you want a clean run without any 'cheating', you could become lvl 40 with 500000 gald if you do.

    In short, what I think has to be done:
    - Make the DLC display the item names.

    That's it, thank you Kenshindono for giving us the DLC.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Well I'm done for today concerning TOX, I did many check, many repack and get the same result, japanese release of the game Freeze when you replace the language. Euro release : Voices but No music and Sound effect on cutscenes. I let the boss mamu work on it since I have no idea where the problem lie...

    DLC everything works except text description display. It seems that there is always something missing on all our result so far

    If you want to discuss things live we are on Rizon I.R.C network server in the #toxundub Channel

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    Kenshindono Guest
    I just tested the pack and got the same result, thank you for your report.

    I'll make a proper pack with the same dlc file later and post it with your description included.

    People should really avoid those dlc with no icon (empty box), there is 11 dlc like that : (500 000 gald - 100 000 gald - 25000 gald - lvl 40 shitty dlc - Experience dlc -

    Well i realized that you forgot about hairstyle / haircut dlc in your report.

    They all works too. (I love the short hair with the bikini btw )

    NB: stingart on the official jpn site or anywhere on internet there should be a list of all the dlc made by namdai, even in japanese this will do the job, just need that to know more about the dlc we should avoid and their description.

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    Twizzlle Guest
    Regarding the DLC : I'm on CFW 4.40. After the pkg installs and I attempt to run the game it prompts me to update to 4.41.

    I tried reassigned the pkg to 4.40. Installs fine but no DLC shows up. Perhaps I mucked up the reassign.

    Just a heads up. Thanks Kenshindono for providing the DLC.

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    Ertzgiel Guest
    Hi guys, how can i setup Kenshindono's complete DLC pack to be played with the (BLES01815) version... Do i have to rename the installed folder with the content (BLJS10188) to be BLES01815, or what i have to do..?? many thanks for your support...

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