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    Good work While you are doing that with mamu, i'am working on the JPN version of the game.

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    Found out that there is a simple difference of 5 files in the subtext

    While JPN version have 916 files of subtext for almost each language, Euro version have 917 files. Of course the offset is the same. The renaming tool will work.

    So I'am gonna rename all the files first, then replace all the jpn files in order with english or French text and test repacking on the jpn version and see the result

    If I got english or French subtitles on each dialogue this would be great. I just doubt menu would be in english or French. But at least this version would made work any japanese dlc. Well the night is still young. Going to test.

    Well to do the sub work i need to rename and do a minus 3257 and reduce the number and not an addition I couldn't figure out how to do it ??? someone can edit this line to reduce the number on the name file. I need to have minus 3257. Thanks !

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    Just change the 3257 in the middle of the script to -3257 and you are all set.

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    I figure it out Dlue it wasn't that I thought at first it was the "-" I added on the line that affected the script but it was because i didn't set powershell to run script : Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

    This is done thanks for your answer anyway

    well the number of the files are set properly now, I just need to swap extension SDBENG to SDBJPN and everything should works fine on the japanese release

    Need a tool for that or a command
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    Cool ! Do you gonna make a tutorial or upload the file ?

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    mamu I just tried the JPN game with all the SDBJPN replaced and renamed with SDBENG and the game install just fine but doesn't seem to run anymore once I'am in the title warning screen.

    There is a some data corruption somewhere. The PS3 won't answer anymore and I need to force shutdown. That could mean that there is something to do on the order of the files and we need to replace them differently. Well the whole process isn't really hard to do and could be done easily again. Just need to change the number of the files, rename the extension and repack.

    This need further checking from you mamu, let's all work on the euro undub first.

    Now I'm gonna check on the Euro undub for now and try to figure out which file affect the cutscenes sounds.

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    Kenshindono, do you mean like this?

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    hmm. still waiting for mamu to release for much easier script job.

    Though if the english scripts can be imported to japanese base, that would be awesome, still if the undubs can be done on english release, im also fine with that too.

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    At least going by how things went with Graces I think importing into Japanese base would create a lot more problems than importing the sounds into English base. Sounds like they've mostly got it figured out anyway besides a few cutscenes here and there losing their BGM and/or sound effects.

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    Importing the English text into the Japanese version does not work the game just freezes at the first loading screen.

    By the way the text files where offset by 3254, so there is 3 new files between the text files and the sound files. One of them is a new English text file "0152859.SDBENG" that seems to contain text for menu stuff, they all begin with "STR_SYS" (except for the two last entries that are called "SYR_SYS" for some reason).

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    Mamu said there are a lot of new files, does that mean that the English release has extra content?

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