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  1. #251
    Kenshindono Guest
    Well it works for me, I still have the archive, no prob. Check you path length Shinintendo. Put the archive on your root and test. please report

    higher87 i have the same result. Something missing each time i try something new. But since i'am looking working on the very first Cutscenes... I don't check anything else for the moment.

    Well the night is still young, right ?

  2. #252
    mamu Guest
    Just played until the first boss and I can also confirm that other than that one cutscene, everything works fine.

    I've also tried checking the TSDSTP file. It is a compressed archive (SPKD) in a weird file format that contains a lot of SHBP files. I don't really know what they do exactly, but there are strings like VP_MUSIC and VP_BTL_01 in there.

  3. #253
    Kenshindono Guest
    That's probably them mamu !

  4. #254
    higher87 Guest
    I think it was more than one cutscene, several cutscenes lose their sound apart from voiceacting, i played a bit more than the first boss.

    not inlcuding TSDSTP from the jap to euro just fixes the music for the game, but i dont think it will help with cutscenes

  5. #255
    Kenshindono Guest
    Well only one 30kb file cannot affect this much the entire cutscenes o.O'

  6. #256
    Kidodeath Guest
    How did you get musics and Japanese voices ? I only have voices.

  7. #257
    higher87 Guest
    delete TSDSTP so it uses the one from euro version, altho its a small file, it stops the game from having music

  8. #258
    Dlue Guest
    The TSDSTP file could be some sort of reference file the for the sounds. And the English version is 1577 bytes smaller so it might be missing something. Or the size difference is could simply be that they used Japanese characters in the Japanese version.

  9. #259
    Kidodeath Guest
    So , I delete the TSDSTP from japanese version and ?

  10. #260
    Kenshindono Guest
    I was trying to hexedit and check each TSDXMLB but I should just check the MD5... Something missing somewhere

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