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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    higher87 Guest
    are you sure that the files you repacked were the japanese ones ? you could use toxpack to extract the new files (header+ w/e the other is) then compare them to the extracted euro, there should be some size differences.

    if you are 100% sure the new files got in the new pack and u are sure that the japanese files were correctly renamed before getting packed, then have you cleared game data from the ps3 so it reinstalls the game once you launch it ? unless that is done it wont take the new files in. and also i hope you remembered to rename the new files as they get made with an extra "_repacked" in their name which needs to be deleted

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    Dlue Guest
    Actually you can directly replace the installed files. I do it through the build-in FTP Server in multiman. The path to the files are "/dev_hdd0/game/BLES01815_INSTALL/USRDIR".

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    Kidodeath Guest
    Maybe the powershell didn't worked , I'm gonna retry

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    kokotas Guest
    You can replace the files directly into the game installation folder, no need to re-install everytime you make a change.

    Kidodeath Instead of powershell you can try this small executable I posted a few pages back:

    Remember that the files in the jp_sounds folder have to be freshly extracted and unaltered, otherwise the renaming process will go wrong.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Well I tried different method but nothing worth reporting for the moment, something always missing. So i decided to extract both entire main files for JPN and EURO release to figure out what are the files missing and then repack the entire stuff adding the new extension filter. Hopefully testing many combination like that will brought out some result.

    Once the Euro undub based version is fixed, I'll try to implement Euro text onto the JPN version of TOX to see the result too but i need to extract all the SDBxxx included, I just hope there is the same amount of files as the jpn version (since they have included previously all the language files without the data inside...) Since I'am extracting all the files, that would be useful to do that test at the same time

    Main Objective : Music, jpn voices, jpn battles voices, jpn skit voices, cut scenes working

    For those waiting that have nothing to do, and want to do some test and report here. I uploaded the Tales of Xillia complete DLC pack fixed MODDED TO EURO (BLES01815) based on the Japanese DLC this is a WORK IN PROGRESS and it's only for TESTING PURPOSE.

    That means you should not share it since it's probably full of stuff not working. By trying to share it without mentioning that this is a work in progress that would bring nothing and affect and mislead everyone once a legit and full working dlc pack will be released for the Euro version. Just be patient and keep it for yourself. If a fully working pack like Tales of Graces F comes out, I'll share it once I get it.

    Do your test and don't forget to report on this thread your result concerning each dlc if you can. (Link Removed by Author)

    Password is my nickname

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    phenix060 Guest
    hi i would thx all the people working on the undub version you do a wonderful job

    and i would like to know if you guys working to Tox with the jp base or with the Euro and if it's the Euro if someone could fixed the dlc to works with it ? thanks you

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    Kidodeath Guest
    Ok now it works for me but no sound , just voices , wait and see.

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    higher87 Guest
    not for the dlc but for the game. basiclly adding se3 files seems to get the initial voice to the char selection, im not sure if it does anything else but could live without if it causes any problems at all.

    we already have inbattle voices and story voices working + music figured out, skits worked too, only cutscenes are the problem for now. i checked and i lost cutscene soundeffects & music when se4 files were added which include the voice dub. so what we need to do is figure out which file/s are causing the no sound effect/music for most cutscenes. but the se4 files arent exactly few. im trying to figure out if i can isolate the problematic files atm.

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    phenix060 Guest
    1st try about testing the Tales of Xillia complete DLC pack fixed MODDED TO EURO (BLES01815) it seems all appear in the dlc menu but every dlc has no name at all (even in japanesse) where we should see the name it's all blank only 1 hairdressing has a name translated when you check after going in the equip menu, except the absence of name on everything (hairdressing, costumes, or accessory all dlc seem to works)

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    shinintendo Guest
    Kenshindono, the password "Kenshindono" doesn't work (tried Winrar and with lower cases too).

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