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  1. #231
    Kidodeath Guest
    It worked thanks !

  2. #232
    Kenshindono Guest
    Well back from work, time to do some testing, going to use every method found so far and tweak my own and see the result.

    I'll report as soon as i test every method

  3. #233
    Kidodeath Guest
    Ok cool , wait and see

    Where are the SDB files ? We have to extract them from a file ?

  4. #234
    Taelsien Guest
    Ertzgiel, For you guys having issues with downloading the packs:

    i extracted links, lol, it's only multiuploading site, try to use link headers in main post, for example: jheberg.net/redirect/JzhSkW-tales-of-xillia-2-complete-dlc-pack-fixed/Netload/, and if you want xillia 1 pack, type in: jheberg.net/redirect/uiPs3b-tales-of-xillia-complete-dlc-pack-fixed-jp/Netload/ or Depositfiles/Uptobox instead of netload.

  5. #235
    Ertzgiel Guest
    Many thanks for the answer... i'll try that and see...

  6. #236
    Kidodeath Guest
    Doesn't work for me , the anime scenes are in japanese , that's all .. Did someone have the full undub version ?

  7. #237
    OrangeFlavored Guest
    That's the easiest part to fix, man. Just copy the movies folder over.

  8. #238
    Kidodeath Guest
    Yeah but that's weird because I used toxpack to put the japanese files , I think i made it the right way (Sorry for the bad english , I'm French)

  9. #239
    OrangeFlavored Guest
    The movies are unrelated to toxpack. Just move the movies folder over from the usrdir of the Japanese version into the folder you are using for the undub. They're not packed or anything, it's just a folder with the movies in it.

  10. #240
    Kidodeath Guest
    I know I made that and I extract the FILEHEADER , of the EUR version and the JAP version , after that I used powershell to renamed the files and I repacked.

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