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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    kokotas Guest
    higher87, here I quickly made a small renaming tool in vb. Try it out:

    I didn't have time to test it thoroughly but it seems to work fine.

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    Kidodeath Guest
    Hey guys I just wanna ask , where I put the toxpack ? Thanks c:

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    OrangeFlavored Guest
    Wherever really, just make sure you direct it at the proper path in the command line. Mamu's post had an example of how it should be used so just use that for reference.

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    Kidodeath Guest
    Ok thanks.

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    Wildbreed Guest
    You just extract the exe in any directory.

    Then open command prompt with admin right. Change to the dir where your exe was extracted then you carry on from there.. all commands are given with the attachments...

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    Karrion Guest
    Btw, why is the topic title "fixing tales of xillia"? what is there to fix?

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    Kidodeath Guest
    Because this post was for fixing the game , but now we just search how to undub x:

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    higher87 Guest
    edit: well now the game works for me too so far, same problem at that cutscene where they meet and you hear nothing but their voices

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    Kidodeath Guest
    I tried but it doesn't work , I put the file in USRDIR and the files in : USRDIR/SS , so I tried and nothing .

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    higher87 Guest
    what is it your trying to do? suppose you wanted to extract the japanese audio files only and you had the usrdir folder as c:\usrdir where the folder would have the 2 files for extraction FILEHEADER.TOFHDB and TLFILE.TLDAT

    you would open command line, go the folder where your toxpack is for example c: then from there type toxpack -e c:\usrdir c:\jap_audio -f NUSNUB NUSBIN TSDSE3 TSDSE4 TSDSTP TSDWAV TSDXMLB

    then it would extract the audio files to c:\jap_audio or any folder you choose instead.

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