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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    OrangeFlavored Guest
    Works for me. Did have to set my execution policy to allow it though, see: As far as the locale thing I'm currently in Japanese locale, didn't seem to make a difference.

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    kokotas Guest
    Hm, maybe try what OrangeFlavored suggested. I thought it wouldn't matter since the script is created by you in your own pc.

    So open a cmd window (run as administrator if you have uac enabled), and type in powershell.exe set-executionpolicy bypass -force, then try the script again using previous instructions.

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    Karrion Guest
    Has someone the intention of uploading an undub rom once it works? I'm having trouble trying to follow the thread of the conversation as there are lots of technical thingies that I don't clearly understand. If not, will there be some kind of "How To Undub The Game"? I know I already asked this, but since no one answered...

    Sorry for asking again.

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    mamu Guest
    There are 1628 new textures (TOTEX B/P) in the EUR file. Wow.

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    Dlue Guest
    Okay so I have been working on this since I woke up and finally got it to work. Japanese voices and music, I still haven't tested it on a skit tough. But anyway I took all the TSDSE3 and TSDSE4 and repacked them into the English archive file. And that seems to do the trick.

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    mamu Guest
    Yes, as soon as the undub works fine, and there are no serious bugs or crashes, there will be a tutorial.

    Dlue, Nice!

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Here comes mamu heh, right should be great to figure out which one are music track and to find the difference between sounds effect & voices. Battle voices are really important too to enjoy this game and should be replaced. As for music they should have a bigger size than the voices. I saw a file +200MB in the jpn release. It might be this one since there is no amv sound track.
    Once I return home I'll begin my test too.

    Well another stuff is to figure out which files are the text files to replace them with eng subtext files in the japanese release. That would do the job too, isn't it?

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    mamu Guest
    The language files are the SDBxxx files, there's even an editor for them on page 14

    I think we can just put them into the JP game, but there's also a lot of text in the eboot.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Completely forgot that we tried to translate the game... And extracted the SDB I'll do the extraction for that too and try to replace and repack them. And for the eboot , this will be more difficult, yup -_-

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    mamu Guest
    For those who tried to run the PowerShell script: by default running non-signed scripts is denied, but you can allow it by starting PS as admin and typing

    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

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