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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    higher87 Guest
    how did you rename all files ? and for the music part i guess we would need to figure out which files are bgm and just avoid switching them out.

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    kokotas Guest
    To rename all the files easily you can run this line as a powershell script. Open a notepad and paste:
    get-childitem -exclude *.ps1 | foreach { rename-item $_ $_.Name.Replace($_.Name, "0" + [string](3257 + [System.IO.Path]::GetFileNameWithoutExtension($_.Name)) + "." + $_.Name.split(".")[1]) }
    Save it inside jp_sounds folder as "something.ps1" and run it. Don't forget to remove it once you're done.

    Pity that it breaks something else though. Gonna test it myself tomorrow.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Someone reported that there is issue that need to be checked some items names are invisible, costumes, The Japanese DLCs seems to PARTIALLY work on the EUR version of Tales of Xillia. Some work but won't show the item's name. Some don't do anything at all. That's still better than Tales of Graces F's crashes with us/euro version.

    Well hopefully we will have the opportunity to get a JPN based undub version to be able to use all the DLC.

    Anyway, We need to have both JPN & Euro version with JPN voices and english subtext to be able to use everything available.

    Well first thing is to work on the undub, seems like there is some progress, still downloading the game. I'll do my own test once I go back from work.

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    Taelsien Guest
    Kenshindono, Thank you for the valuable info! It's sad, but like Maya from P2 said: "let's think positive", yeah, Graces F JPN based undub worked like charm! Thank you and mamu for the hard work

    Definitely gonna run some tests also when my eu download complete. And please, when you return from work and have some free time please reup the links from post 157.

    i'm always get the "The password entered is wrong." message thx in advance.

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    Lando43 Guest


    Can someone could upload only the files needed from the English release? I don't want to download the whole thing again for several megabytes needed data

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    higher87 Guest
    running that gives me an error, not sure what i did wrong but it says bad numric constant 1.. at line:1 char:3

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    mamu Guest
    Good morning everyone , I will start checking the files in a few hours. It seems there are over 3000 new files, so we will need to rename some files like kokotas mentioned.

    As for repacking, the found: 0 means that toxpack found 0 extracted files in the input folder. That's why the repacked file was identical with the original one.

    The game (or at least the JP game) only checks the installed files, you don't even need to touch the original files (except the movies). So, unlike Graces, this time you don't have to reinstall every time, just replace only the installed files with the repacked ones.

    I think the NUS files are the story voices and music while TSDxyz files are effects and battle voices. I wonder, what happens if, for example, you only replace the NUSNUB/NUSBIN files but leave the TSD files?

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    higher87 Guest
    sadly does not seem to be the case, i cant get the method posted earlier for renaming files to work, but i tried manually renaming all nusnub and nusbin then repackd, deleted old date file from ps3 and ran, result is story voices are still english while ingame battle voices have become japanese with no loss of sound/music as far as i could hear.

    so im thinking the story voices are probably the many files of either tsdse3 or tsdes4 or both with the music also being on one/both. wav files arent voices because u can run them normally and they are very few/small. tsdmlb files have same size jap/english and renaming them didnt have any effect for what i tested.

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    kokotas Guest
    Mmm you must be doing something wrong. You shouldn't be able to see any error to begin with. Here's how to do it step by step:

    prerequisites: powershell 2.0 (already present in windows 7), .net framework 2.0

    1) Copy this line in a text editor
    get-childitem -exclude *.ps1 | foreach { rename-item $_ $_.Name.Replace($_.Name, "0" + [string](3257 + [System.IO.Path]::GetFileNameWithoutExtension($_.Name)) + "." + $_.Name.split(".")[1]) }
    2) Save as whatevername.ps1, inside the jp_sounds folder. Also make sure you haven't manually renamed anything before this.
    3) Go to your jp_sounds folder, right-click on whatevername.ps1 -> Run with powershell.
    4) A powershell windows should pop up for a few seconds, then the files should be renamed.

    Already tested it and it's working. Repacking also works after this, but as others have already mentioned, there is no bg music. Hope mamu comes to the rescue soon

    edit: Oops he already did

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    higher87 Guest
    when i ran it first normally itwould shut the cmd b4 i could read the error but i could see it didnt change any filename,s so i opened powershell and ran it from there, then i could read the error. if i could get your script to work it would really help alot, do you have any idea if it is affected by system locale like if US uses . instead of , etc

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