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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Oxinar Guest
    Yeah! Thanks for this, when I get home from work I'll see if I translate the key items and accessories, I'll start with these because they are smaller and do not require much time. So then it becomes easier and faster to translate the dialogues of the game.

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    rock1234 Guest
    Hello, I am having an issue in loading Tales of Xillia on my CFW 3.55 Kmeaw. I used the latest ebootfix Tales_of_Xillia_EBOOT_PATCH_JPN_PS3-NRP and put the items in their appropriate locations.

    Plus, I used the latest multiman 4.05 to boot the game and I used the BD-Mirror, but when the game boot and shows the white screen with the Japanese symbols it will freeze and I have to hard reset my PS3.

    I don't know what I am doing wrong and I hoping that someone will be able to provide me with assistance with this issue, that I am having. (I also backed up the real game on Internal and Placed it on my External multiple times)

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Guys you are amazing. Mamu, Oxinar, Great job!

    Mamu: I read your first post, 3 or 4 times to understand everything about how Xillia structure was made. That's great, you figure it out almost everything. Since I'm not used to this kind of technical dev vocabulary, i wasn't able to give an appropriate description of what I've read on some of the specifics of this game. But now it's really clear, thanks to you. And each time there is modification we need to be sure to delete any previous data installed on the PS3 and reinstall the game

    Also thank you for making this thread this will help. I'll do my best to test anything you want me too. Don't hesitate to ask anything

    Oxinar you were so fast working on the translation ITEM lol Great job my friend. You are right, Step by Step, category by category, that way you can translate everything with a good pace. Items first, skills, dialog etc.

    Thanks to you two. You are an incredible team guys. I hope everyone in there could help testing and bringing more an more information. And let's make a great Translation/UNDUB project (when localized version comes out).

    No need to use anything like BD mirror and such replace only the EBOOT of your original game and launch it with multiman or latest rogero manager and delete any previous data installed. Play.

    Also people you should know that it's not a thread to help you get the game by giving link or anything like that. No need to ask. Please respect this project.

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    ryan23 Guest
    no one can't give the link of the game

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    shinintendo Guest
    ryan23 I tried to pm but you're blocked somehow... check in your profile

    if anyone else need the links (full speed without downtime for me) just pm me now.

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    dragonknight5 Guest
    i hope this goes well. i would like links to but idk how pm works here

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    shinintendo Guest
    Like ryan it's written when I try to send to you: dragonknight5 has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.

    you got to enable it in the profile options somewhere.

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    ryan23 Guest
    sir i'm just waiting for your msg i olredy enable to receive messages to my profile settings..

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Ok Mamu, every file is extracted with the two method and went well. No prob to get the SDBJPN (dialog txt) and NUB (sound files) and the number of them is also correct. That took only 2min.

    (I'm extracting everything now just to check on something. already over ~3GB)

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    Apr 2005
    Guys you can't use PMs until you make (2) quality posts and are +Rep'd for them... until then, all you can do is add your e-mail to your profile via the UserCP as we don't allow e-mails to be posted in the forum.

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