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    Well for video that seems obvious almost all the games works this way Dlue, just need to replace files. For the files and the renaming that's a great news. Well we need to make a proper version fully undubbed and thoroughly tested, let's do some test, tweaking files while we wait for mamu to check it.

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    Well I wont be able to help much further (for now anyway) as I'm off to bed. But maybe when I wake up again tomorrow I'll find a working undub waiting for me. If not then its more poking around in the gamefiles I guess.

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    do you have something to change the file names with easily ? its a lot of files to do manually as for why the voices were still in english, maybe it's because when you run the game once it installs the file containing text and voices and it stays on the ps3 even if you change the files of the game, so you would need to delete game data from ps3 then run the game for it to reinstall.

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    Well of course higher87 is right an previous file installed by the game should be removed in order to test the game completely. For system sound / voices We need to check if those voices were stored on the eboot, it can happen too for system menu sound and voices (depending on the eboot size). I'am still downloading the game... I'll check it later myself. Dlue, hopefully this game will have his undub version made quickly.

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    Kenshindono, I am sorry, but can you please reup ToX 1&2 complete dlc pack? Because "kenshindono" password not working. THANK YOU in advance!

    [btw, can't wait for working undub!]

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    JPN DLC modified to match Euro Game ID: BLES01815. Will be shared soon.

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    I'll be waiting for a way to make the undubbed version I've already the Eur and JPN versions in my pc

    BTW: great job Kenshindono, did you tried them (DLCs) on the EUR version already??

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    Kenshindono, Cool, thanks! Do you think all dlc will be working great? Because some of ToV and ToGf dlcs had problems with kanji characters encoding if i remember correctly

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    I Just did what Dlue did, and the game have japanese voice now, BUT, there is no background music... maybe a bad rename or something?

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    Good news and bad

    Good: I got japanese voices to work just by renaming the files and then repacking them into the english version

    Bad: Doing so makes all other sounds not work.

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