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    hi if it works, can someone explain or make a little guide to explain what we need to do when we have both tales of xillia to make the undub plz ? thanks you so much for all the people that make this possible

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    Mar 2013
    So if anyone needs a resigned eboot for 3.55 i just made one right now. Enjoy.

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    title ................ Tales_of_Xillia_PS3-ACCiDENT
    publisher ............ Namco Bandai
    game type ............ RPG
    release date ......... 02/08/2013
    platform ............. PS3
    language ............. ENG
    files ................ 66x100MB


    CONSOLE :: PS3
    FORMAT :: Bluray
    REGiON :: Free
    STREET :: August 6, 2013
    GENRE :: Action
    LANG :: English

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    Nope... Unfortunately it didn't work, voices are still in English. Actually I should have noticed beforehand that the produced repacked files have the same md5 as the original ones. So it seems mamu's toxpack isn't really replacing anything. I hope someone else can verify, in case I screwed anything up.

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    Yeah same here.

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    Unfortunately, yep, confirmed that after repack, (even though the MD5 changed for "tlfile.tldat" after the repack), that the voices and movies are still in English.

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    Well there is probably something that needs to be done, let's wait for mamu. He'll probably do the check quickly and fix it, if it's needed.
    I'am gonna do the test, once I get the game.

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    Does anyone know what firmware is required to play Xillia?

    Am currently on cfw 4.30 and would like to know if I need to update in order to play the game


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    FYI, English Tales of Xillia requires Firmware 4.41 or higher.

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    After poking a bit around I have not gotten the Japanese voices to work. First of all the files extracted from the Japanese version have different file names than if you extract the files from the English version.

    Essentially they are offset by 3257 e.g. the first extracted Japanese file is called "0139801.NUSBIN" while the English one is called "0143058.NUSBIN". Its the same offset for all the files extracted using the filter mamu posted on the previous page.

    After changing all the filenames to match the English ones, toxpack repacked properly, but the voices are still in English (not thoroughly tested but the voices are in English for stuff in-engine at the very beginning).

    That said its hilariously easy to change the voice-over in the anime clips. Just copy the movie files from the Japanese version over the ones in the English version and you are all set. The game is off course using softsubs in them so it does not care what voiceover is playing as long as the video length is correct.

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