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Thread: Fixing Tales of Xillia for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    mamu Guest
    I've updated toxpack, here is the changelog:
    • Repack is now 2 times faster
    • You no longer need to keep all the extracted files for repacking (if a file is not found in the input folder it will be read from the original data file)
    • Redesigned commands and help page
    • Works without libgcc dll
    • Typo fixes

    So if there will be no changes in the file structure, making an undub could be as simple as running
    toxpack --extract path/to/JP_USRDIR jp_sounds --filter NUSNUB NUSBIN TSDSE3 TSDSE4 TSDSTP TSDWAV TSDXMLB
    toxpack --repack  path/to/US_USRDIR jp_sounds repacked_files

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    Noroduil Guest
    Wonderful work, as always. I have a doubt mamu, it is possible for you undub older games of ps3 like the White Knight Chronicles Saga or Infinite Undiscovery? Seeing how easy seems for you to undub the "tales of" games, maybe those would worth a try. Or the file structure is different?

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Thanks mamu, it works perfectly

    If there is no changes then the game will be undubbed as soon as it goes out thanks to you.

    The tool works perfectly fine, here is the result for the first processing

    K:\TEMP\Tales of Xillia Undub\Tools\toxpack_v140>toxpack --extract JP_USRDIR jp_sounds --filter NUSNUB NUSBIN TSDSE3 TSDSE4 TSDSTP TSDWAV TSDXMLB
    Tales of Xillia extractor and repacker 1.4 by mamu
    Opening header file...ok.
    Opening content file...ok.
    Checking output dir...ok
    Reading header...
      CreateTime:           129552954311904525
      HashArray.Start:      32
      HashArray.Count:      149782
      HashArray.End:        1198280
      FileArray.Start:      1198272
      FileArray.Count:      151862
      FileArray.End:        7272744
    Setting offsets...ok.
    Header ok.
    Extracting files...
      151862/151862 (extracted 2474)
      Finished extracting at 7272776

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    Karrion Guest
    I'm trying to understand all the technical thingamajigs that you have around here without success.

    I understand (kinda) that you're making some kind of undub project of tales of xillia, but it hasn't been released yet in the west; so, would it be a problem to try to explain to me in layman's terms what exactly is this post about?

    I'm not trying to be blunt or offensive, it's just that english is not my primary language and i'm not sure how to ask this

    Thanks in advance.

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    hohowan Guest
    Basically, this copies the Japanese Voices from your JP-Version of the Tales of Xillia to your PC and then eventually "merge" it back to English Version of Tales of Xillia that is due out shortly.

    This way your English copy will have translated English menus and text, but with the Japanese voices. (As the English version DOES NOT have Japanese audio).

    BTW, I ran the toxpack as well and it worked without issues.

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    Karrion Guest

    So how's the progress going? As i've seen, I understand that as long as nothing changes (not sure in which sense), we'll have and undub Xillia as soon as the game is out here, am I right? And another question, is there/will there be some kind of How To Undub Tales of Xillia: The Beginner Guide? Maybe it's not that difficult to do and I didn't read enough, but I tried reading and all the technobabble confused me a lot

    Thanks for the answers and good job

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    leghari80 Guest
    guys xillia is here!

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    Nogitsune Guest
    hello everyone. we have very good news , finally. as the guy above me says, Tales of Xilia EUR is out. finally the moment is in sight. now excuse me while i go celebrate again

    Tales of Xilia EUR BLES01815 has leaked and is now available for download across the internet.

    (btw I've been silent all the time because i didn't wanna spam the thread with thank yous for your great work, but i was checking it )

    anyway, I'm going to jump around the room, so Good Day to everyone

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    sudo2k7 Guest
    Will download both versions now and try toxpack later, hopefully it'll work directly. Might take a few hours for me, so if anyone is able to check it faster, I'd appreciate it. Also, thanks a lot to mamu for doing such a great job and service to us once again, I truly honor your efforts.

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    kokotas Guest
    Run the repack command as per mamu's instructions:
    Tales of Xillia extractor and repacker 1.4 by mamu
    Opening header file...ok.
    Opening content file...ok.
    Checking output dir...ok
    Checking files dir...ok.
    Reading header...
      CreateTime:           130133064256015063
      HashArray.Start:      32
      HashArray.Count:      153045
      HashArray.End:        0
      FileArray.Start:      1224376
      FileArray.Count:      155125
      FileArray.End:        0
    Setting offsets...ok.
    Header ok.
      Creating FILEHEADER_Repacked.TOFHDB
      Set header positions
      Creating TLFILE_Repacked.TLDAT
      Writing data: 155125/155125, found: 0Done
    Replaced the files with the repacked ones, as well as the movie files. Now transferring to my ps3... I'll let you know if it works. *crossing fingers*

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