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  1. #131
    BluRay Guest
    Sorry if I sound but, but thats the translation of 1 part out of 4, how's that almost complete?

  2. #132
    mamu Guest
    I updated the SDB Editor, here is the changelog:

    - Added import/export function
    - Added quick search, with regular expression support
    - Added hotkeys
    - Fixed 'Save' leaving stuff behind
    - Some minor gui improvements
    - Small bugfixes

    For editing the exported text files, use text editors that support different character encodings, like Notepad++ for example.
    I also updated the editor for Tales of Graces in the other thread.

  3. #133
    Raspberyl Guest
    Hi, is anyone else having lag (from a bit to notable) while in battles at forest and/or battles with 4+ enemies?, or it's just me?

  4. #134
    xiaoie Guest
    I really appreciate all of the hard work guys! Is there perhaps a way to use all of the translated stuff ourselves now? All links seem to be dead

    Also, would it be possible to get the files "ready-to-go"? So that one would only need to replace it with the original files from the backup? (personally, I'm not really great packing/repacking files etc. )

  5. #135
    BluRay Guest
    Raspberyl, the lag problem is very common in Tales of Xillia, It happens mostly with human enemies. It's still there even on Tales of Xillia 2, It's been reduced and doesn't happen as often though.

  6. #136
    Yongkut Guest
    need eboot?

  7. #137
    Banditking323 Guest
    Can someone please reupload the TLZC Decompressor from page 8? Also does anyone know which SDBJPN hold the skill and status menu?

  8. #138
    murat3152 Guest
    Can someone reupload the translated stuff?

  9. #139
    mamu Guest
    Here is the my_files.rar Oxinar uploaded on page 8. It has the TLZC decompressor and the first few translated files. That's all I have

  10. #140
    murat3152 Guest
    Thank you kind sir

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