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    Quote Originally Posted by mamu View Post
    TOX2 uses the same file format as the first one. The tools should work fine too.
    would you like to translate xillia2 this time mamu ???

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    hes probably too busy to do that.

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    how's the translation of ToX going ? i mean the status of it.

    cause soon i'll be able to finish ToGf and i'm thinking of starting ToX

    like always keep up the good job guys ^_^.

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    Probably on hold till the Tales of Xillia English release? No reason to translate it when someone else has already done so and you can just file swap later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freed View Post
    would you like to translate xillia2 this time mamu ???
    Sorry, I don't think I will have time for that.

    Quote Originally Posted by vampneo17 View Post
    how's the translation of ToX going?
    The official release should be out in summer. They finished recording the voices few days ago so it shouldn't take too much time now.

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    Someone tell me if you encounter this on TOX2:

    it happens to me all the time, specially inside town, frustrating bug indeed.

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    I hope it won't be hard to create an "Undub" version for Xillia 1 I loved the version of Graces F.

    It would be nice either ways if someone could translate the menu, items, and quests for Xillia 2, we probably won't get that until 2014.

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    While I do know enough japanese to translate some stuff I'm not too sure on how to get the translation into the game, If anyone can explain this to me I guess I could try to help.

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    Hello, i'm currently looking into SDBJPN files but you guys already translated some of them so i'd like if any of you could upload all translated *.SDBJPN files you have because the all thread links are dead T-T


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    You can basically use this guide ( for almost complete translation of the game

    Original Xillia eboot:

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