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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    The game freezes when choosing certain DLC and lots of it display weird characters so i take it this is still beta/unfinished work. And yeah, some dlc becomes unselectable if you choose different ones first.

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    MadMunk3 Guest
    Is there any update on this or is it even still being worked on? Perhaps a full english BLUS complete DLC has showed up somewhere that someone can point me to?

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    Electron1c Guest
    Tested myself and DLC works fine, even on USA PSN (Undub) version.


    Credit to kenshindono for original EUR pkg.

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    hydro88 Guest
    Where I can find the original EUR pkg please?

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    eizade Guest
    Hi everyone,

    I have go though all the links for tales of grace (Jap) for dlc buts most of it are dead. Would someone plz upload it again. You guys are rock and thanks in advance!!!

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    onetwothreenato Guest
    Hello! Is there any mean to fix Asbel's Leon Costume, Sophie's Anise Costume and Richard's Zero Costume?

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    moth1234 Guest
    sorry about this, but can I ask some help ?

    is there anybody can upload TOX all dlc (Jpn Version) again please?

    the links are all dead...

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    albert1905 Guest

    Help me..

    Does anyone know..? How to unpack tex files? The header is "CRILAYLA".

    Hmm.. I solve this problem.

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    agung Guest
    Does anyone have translated bles version dlc? / Know where to download it?

    I'm trying unpack the pkg file and then Change the dlc id, but the game only read 2 of them....

    If someone know how to use / proper convert the blus version, please help me....

    Thanks before....

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    ThisGuy2 Guest
    Thanks for your work on this, and ToX!

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