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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Kenshindono Guest
    check the structure & run it as administrator (sometimes it act up because of that)

    Batman call to mamu & Bocam

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    waveathon Guest
    I just want to say thank you first for making the Japanese DLC work. But apparently there's a problem with asbel's leon magnus costume, sophie's anise costume and richard's zero costume. I've just tested it out. When you confirm this dlc.

    You will get what's on the pre order dlc costume. Which is kyle costume for asbel, greedy realist for sophie and masked swordsman for richard. Even if you confirm first the pre order dlc. The leon, anise and zero costume will grey out.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Maybe the same edat was used for both dlc and renamed... It needs to be localized and corrected and replaced with the good one. Well I'll talk with the guy who did the 'edat patch' for the US DLC to fix that problem. I think we can do it

    If you could take some pics or just write some details and steps about this error this would be usefull waveathon

    Thanks for those infos

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    waveathon Guest
    kenshindono that's most likely the case. I have also the BLUS or Dubbed Version of the game.

    Regarding about the details of the error I'll try to explain it how much as I can and How I tested it. I First tried It playing a new Game+. No DLC was confirmed yet.

    I Confirmed Asbel's Leon Magnus Costume when I Browse at the title. The Title Aspiring hero (Kyle Costume) appeared. I Haven't tested yet for Sophie's Anise Costume and Richard's Zero Costume. But When I also Confirmed on those Two costume the Pre Order DLC Didn't Greyed out.

    So I Tried a New game Again. This time I Confirmed The PRE-order DLC in the most bottom of the List. You Will Get Of Course Aspiring Hero For Asbel, Greedy Realist For Sophie and Masked swordsman For Richard When I Browse at The Title list It indeed appeared. Then when I went to The DLC List again I Notice at Asbel's Leon Magnus Costume, Sophie's Anise Costume and Richard's Zero Costume has automatically Greyed Out like You Have just confirmed It.

    If you were asking for a different details regarding about the error please tell me.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Thanks for this. We fixed it. You'll have a new pack made soon.

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    hydro51 Guest
    No DLC for BLES ?

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Well, I guess it's time to write something about the status:

    Bad news: Our translator Bocam is missing for some private reason and we can't contact him... The first two skits were translated by him using the tools from mamu but it's not complete.

    Good news: The DLC could be translated by anybody who is willing to do the job; if not this will be done someday by the person who made the EdatFIX for the US vers of the DLC.

    I can repack the whole stuff anytime once it's done.

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    jaylian Guest
    Hi guys, I am new to here. Since there were too many pages for me to read, I would like to simply ask that if that any way to make Jap based ToGF goes into complete english sub?

    How about TOX & TOX2? If there is, can someone give me the link to the page?

    Thousand thanks to all those people working hard for this.

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    mamu Guest
    Hi, you can find everything you need here:

    There is also a thread for Xillia undub called Fixing Tales of Xillia on this site.

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    jaylian Guest
    Sorry to say that, the repack tools & fixed files - (~127MB) had been removed.
    Any way I can get them?

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