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  1. #901
    arcbishop77 Guest
    Yeah mine also on 4.xx but mine is Rogero 4.40 firmware

  2. #902
    kokotas Guest
    They're so you can play an undub version, meaning dialogs will be in jap. I've also included movie files in jap(bink). You need to have the US version, and then simply replace the files inside the game's folder with the ones I uploaded.

  3. #903
    GMme Guest
    sorry to bother you kokotas, after reading stuffs back there i want to confirm something

    according to this mamu's guide http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...tml#post426591 is it means that your files here http://www.solidfiles.com/folder/f0c8f6e260/

    has done until repacking section? so i only have to do the transfer section?

  4. #904
    kokotas Guest
    Yup, just transfer

  5. #905
    zokikrkuska Guest
    is this working on rogero 4.30, or only with 3.55 and 3.41?

  6. #906
    oenone Guest
    thanks for fixing it

  7. #907
    Lusanagi Guest
    Hey Kokotas, the files uploaded right now are made with the latest script, skit fix, etc?

  8. #908
    kokotas Guest
    Should be. My upload is based on mamu's tutorial (post #724)

    But you can always compare the scripts I used (those which are on my solidfiles folder) with the ones that mamu posted here recently, to be sure.

  9. #909
    Lusanagi Guest
    yup, they are the same files. thank you so much for the files

  10. #910
    Mahadewa Guest
    could you give me the tools you used to repack the files so i could try too?

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