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    I was just wondering, I understand that transferring a couple of files from the US version to the JAP version changes the story + most of the menu to English. What about the skits though, are they translated as well? I always felt like they were a big part of the game, since there are usually hundreds of them.

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    Sadly, the skits are in the rootR.cpk.

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    Thank you for your work OverX, if i can help you somewhat, just let me know, i have both US and JAP version of the game and i really want to play it, so i'm with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreTrek View Post
    ...And here's a new eboot:

    This one translates most of the skills you gain from mastering titles, not all, but most, and changes some of the translated item descriptions to their official localized descriptions.

    I decided to make this after seeing the new topics you guys made, and also because i have access to the US version now, so i can just use the text from it.
    thanks! very helpful

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    hi all, I was able to get the japanese version of the game and I have the eboot done by AndreTrek (thank you for the new eboot by the way), but I can't find the Map0R.cpk and Map1R.cpk from the usa version anywhere.

    Can someone upload those files please?

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    Hey Andretrek I've been following this thread for a while. Have you made any headway? We're all rooting for you over in the blackcat forums... well at least those of us that own a PS3. Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia were among my favorite games of all time!

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    AndreTrek are you still translating the rest of the menu or you are done? And is the whole menu in the eboot or some part of it only?


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    thx 4 your effort, would be good one update at first post for don't read all pages

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    Its working fine? This'll be great.

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    thanks for the effort

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