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    Cfif Guest

    I was just wondering, I understand that transferring a couple of files from the US version to the JAP version changes the story + most of the menu to English. What about the skits though, are they translated as well? I always felt like they were a big part of the game, since there are usually hundreds of them.

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    Asbel Lhant Guest
    Sadly, the skits are in the rootR.cpk.

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    djidane Guest
    Thank you for your work OverX, if i can help you somewhat, just let me know, i have both US and JAP version of the game and i really want to play it, so i'm with you

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    Taub Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by AndreTrek View Post
    ...And here's a new eboot: http://www.mediafire.com/?6h09ro20ib1c4j9

    This one translates most of the skills you gain from mastering titles, not all, but most, and changes some of the translated item descriptions to their official localized descriptions.

    I decided to make this after seeing the new topics you guys made, and also because i have access to the US version now, so i can just use the text from it.
    thanks! very helpful

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    nicosali Guest
    hi all, I was able to get the japanese version of the game and I have the eboot done by AndreTrek (thank you for the new eboot by the way), but I can't find the Map0R.cpk and Map1R.cpk from the usa version anywhere.

    Can someone upload those files please?

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    tpmjb Guest
    Hey Andretrek I've been following this thread for a while. Have you made any headway? We're all rooting for you over in the blackcat forums... well at least those of us that own a PS3. Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia were among my favorite games of all time!

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    Itachi 2121E Guest
    AndreTrek are you still translating the rest of the menu or you are done? And is the whole menu in the eboot or some part of it only?


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    ivanlol3 Guest
    thx 4 your effort, would be good one update at first post for don't read all pages

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    Divinehand Guest
    Its working fine? This'll be great.

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    naveeed Guest
    thanks for the effort

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