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    mamu Guest
    There are some skit like that, because the lip synch is stored in the same file that makes the text show correctly. I don't think it can be fixed but do tell us if something weird happens in game.

  2. #882
    Banditking323 Guest
    Can anyone test the complete Japan ver graces DLC and see if they have 300000galdx2? no matter what complete tales of graces f dlc i download i always seen to not get that (I do get everything else though)

  3. #883
    untold Guest
    works with us version?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshindono View Post
    Ok Mamu, I fixed the dlc without the need of ReactPSN. Just install and Play. I created both pack for US and JPN Release. I call them Final Undub for Japanese version based UNDUB work. and Perfect UNDUB for US Version based UNDUB work
    4 links are offline.. could you fix it?

    could someone upload somewhere DLC for BLUS version? (and tell me also if reactPSN is necessary )

    mm... or can someone upload a BLJS version with english sub?

  4. #884
    Kenshindono Guest
    Gonna test on the Euro version too Mamu thanks for the work (I'am still working on my new home so I can't be often here) I'am glad that there is still some work on Graces. Can you try if possible to do what Niwakun did on the DLC of Graces F and remove every JIS character and test the DLC Titles on the US / EURO version. I'm not sure i can localize this type of character on the files...

    Here's What I tested on JPN DLC on US base game
    • Attachments works just fine but wouldn't equip more than one due to, maybe the name is not existent that eboot do a string compare on attachment 1 to 2 to 3 since all attachments had the same blank name, thus making them the same item.
    • DLC Titles works just fine as long as you activate them with english name on them
    • Japanese DLC titles hangs because of JIS character are still present on them (I tried editing on them and yeah, it works, even with Japanese DLC on US base)
    • Same with Japanese Skits, because the dialogue is still written in Japanese
    • Any other DLC with English confirmation on them (if you are about to activate a DLC and the content of the DLC is displayed in english, that will work without any problems)

    About Xillia 1 & 2 of course i got all the DLC done until today for the japanese version. If there is an Undub based on the JPN version we would be able to play them.

    Gonna check the Xillia thread now See ya

    We might need a Fixing thread for Xillia2 too

  5. #885
    zorrodood Guest
    could somebody please reupload the vesperia dlc pack fix thingy? the two initial links are dead.

  6. #886
    Axlmegaman Guest
    Tales of Vesperia DLC's


    This is a good year for JRPGS, all i need is Tales of Hearts R and it'll be complete.

  7. #887
    zorrodood Guest
    holy balls, thank you so much

  8. #888
    v3xXx1 Guest
    yeah thx man

  9. #889
    Zodias1313 Guest
    can anyone reupload the tales of graces f dlc?

    currently only part 4 of these links is still online.

  10. #890
    Lando43 Guest
    sorry guys, haven't been around in some time, what's the latest version of tools for US version?


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