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  1. #861
    Raspberyl Guest
    Sorry to bother, but is anyone re-uploading the DLCs for Vesperia and Xillia, please?

    And so, if they are already fixed?

  2. #862
    d26150 Guest
    No one has reuploded yet, I have one but its not fixed you need ReactPSN.

  3. #863
    mamu Guest
    Hi everyone, I know it's been a while, but as I promised here is the updated SCS Editor:

    • Supports all game version
    • Added import/export function
    • Added quick search, with regular expression support
    • Added hotkeys
    • Fixed invisible null character
    • 'Add new page' should work correctly now
    • Fixed 'Save' leaving stuff behind
    • Some minor gui improvements
    • Small bugfixes

    For editing the exported text files, use text editors that support different character encodings, like Notepad++ for example.
    I also updated the editor for Tales of Xillia in the other thread.

  4. #864
    mamu Guest
    Here are the Xillia and Vesperia DLCs, the Graces pack is around 250MB so I'll upload that to somewhere else.


  5. #865
    Raspberyl Guest
    Ohh hey Guys! What about this??

    Tales Of Xillia DLC Pack http://www.4shared.com/file/-4nXKGRy..._DLC_Pack.html

    It has:
    4 x Level Up (Lv +5)
    2 x Level Up (Lv +10)
    2 x Gald (+300,000 Gald)
    Milla [15th Anniversary/Stahn Set]
    Milla [Dhaos Set]
    Milla [Academy Set]
    Milla [Bikini Set]
    Milla [Maid Set]
    Milla [The [email protected] 2 Set]
    Milla [Star Driver Set]
    Milla [Santa Set]
    Milla [Snow Bunny Set]
    Jude [15th Anniversary/Cress Set]
    Jude [Leon Magnus Set]
    Elise [Academy Set]
    Elise [Bikini Set]
    Elise [Maid Set]
    Elise [Mint Adenade Set]
    Elise [The [email protected] 2 Set]
    Elise [Star Driver Set]
    Elise [Santa Set]
    Leia [Academy Set]
    Leia [Bikini Set]
    Leia [Maid Set]
    Leia [Farah Oersted Set]
    Leia [The [email protected] 2 Set]
    Leia [Star Driver Set]
    Leia [Santa Set]

    No need of ReActPSN, works with 3.55...

  6. #866
    mamu Guest
    Here is the Graces DLC pack


  7. #867
    Raspberyl Guest
    By the way, Here's another, but it's not fixed yet, not even for 3.55. If someone could fix it please.. So I don't know about the content of this

    Tales Of Xillia DLC Set + RAP Files


    P.S.: I didn't fixed the last one, I just re-uploaded, and so this one too.

  8. #868
    heeroyuy176 Guest
    Thanks, can you please upload it to other host? I can hardly download it.

  9. #869
    shawork Guest
    Raspberyl amazing your DLC of Tales of Xillia... Very good... can you upload some DLs of Tales of Xillia 2?

  10. #870
    xxnogamerxx Guest
    would the TOGf DLC work on a BLES version?

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