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  1. #851
    suila Guest
    hello, i'm french user and i try to make the EUR Tales of Grace F undub.

    well for now I do not have the right tools to recover the extraction and repack cpk files, those I had were apparently not good, its not create a file list, it does not ask me to list for re-packing. when I try to test the game on its load indefinitely I suppose that the file is not recognized, but I can not recover files that you use the extraction and repack

    i've tried repacking without compression but this issue give me a black screen, i use only cpktools v1.36 with original cpk.bms script

    i've not replace .scs files because have english, german and french text, and i can't understand german, but for now i don't know if this work.

    Anyone can give me a working extractor and repacker ?

  2. #852
    mcsonic Guest
    hi mamu, can you reup your repack tools for graces and xillia and can i use them for vesperia?

  3. #853
    mamu Guest
    sure, you can use them. all tools should be online, i posted the graces tools few pages earlier. what are you planning to do with vesperia?

  4. #854
    Dreamdreads Guest
    Hi suila! I am also about to try to make a version of UNDUB TOGf, could we contact to advance the project?

  5. #855
    suila Guest
    Dreamdreads yes you can pm me

  6. #856
    Dreamdreads Guest
    Ok !

  7. #857
    topkomputer Guest
    Hello everyone. I want to thank you mamu. I've followed the instructions in page 73. It did work out for english ToG. But I want DLC from japanese game, since I heard that jap version has a lot more than eng version. So I try to do instructions in page 60, but the mediafire link is broken.

    Thank you everyone for hearing my complaints

  8. #858
    mamu Guest
    I've already re-uploaded it, the link is on page 83.


  9. #859
    heeroyuy176 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshindono View Post
    Here is the link for the DLC package fixed for both US & JPN version to test
    Can anyone please reupload those DLCs? Those links were killed for a long time. I need those DLC for my US ver. Thank you.

  10. #860
    Vilain Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Axlmegaman View Post
    Just to be safe, you mention Graces f and Xillia, i uploaded the Fixed dlc for Tales of Vesperia
    Unfortunately, it got removed. Could anyone re-upload it please ?

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