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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    mamu Guest

    The undub releases (the japanese ones and the US based undub) use the original movies, and the dubbed ones use english movies and voices. Well, at least I haven't seen a mixed one yet. The subtitles are in english in both cases, and can be turned on/off in-game.

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    random456 Guest
    I saw one release that claimed to have English movies, so I just assumed they all did. Maybe it was an older version. I'll get one that seems to be a more recent version and try it out.

    I'm guessing it'll be obvious from the intro. Thanks for the clarification mamu.

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    Pache Guest
    Edit: About the search & replace function to SCSEdit (i don't know which one is easier to be implemented), but if you could add to the batch replacer something like a optional text file with the text to be replaced (like changethis|tothis in every line) that would be great! just an idea.

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    mamu Guest
    There will be a search & replace mode, if I can implement it of course . Again, the problem is the different character encoding.

    That would work, but in this case every tag has an increasing number in it, so it can't be mass replaced.

    I'm thinking about an import/export function too.

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    Pache Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pache View Post
    Thanks a lot mamu! Just something i missed last time, some PS3 characters line start with a tab (image/focus change) right? well, that tab needs to be removed too... could you implement a fix for that in the next release please?

    Thanks again.
    Edit: please ignore that. I tested the files a little more and here are my finds:

    1: All the pages end with a NULL character (null terminator), NEVER delete that. If you delete it when editing pages in SCEdit, it will mess up the lines in-game.
    2: Removing the TAB space doesn't change anything for the Wii files. If you are editing the files for the PS3, better keep it. Probably it is needed there.
    3: If you want to use those files in the wii version, you must remove the pages 1 and 10 with mamu's batch remover and remove the tags (CHT_MSxxx_xxx for cht_ms files and CHT_SBxxx_xxx for cht_sb) manually in SCEdit. (because there is no tool for it right now )

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    CrashmanX Guest
    OK I hate to be THAT guy but there's 86 pages of this thread and I only need one thing. I need the tools that were posted on this tutorial ( but they've been taken off of MF.

    I need them to open up the SD Gundam G Generation World files which always give me the error "No TOC" or "No TOC detected" or similar things. Hopefully these tools can help.

    OK ignore that previous post. I'm an idiot.

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    Pache Guest
    cpk? try quickbms and the unpack scripts.

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    CrashmanX Guest
    That's actually incredibly helpful. Do you know if there's a QuickBMS script to repack with compression? Or am I going to have to somehow create a file list with the compressed sizes? Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. New to this forum and compressed CPKs.

    OK using the GUI is quite helpful. However I keep running into an error. The CPKCr tells me it cannot open the D:\PSP even though the folder is called D:\PSPTrans. Any ideas?

    Also if this is the wrong place, should this be under a different forum/thread? If its a different forum, terribly sorry.

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    jippeem Guest
    Hi there. I'm a french user and I have wanted to know if you could take a look at the European version of the game.

    I actually dream of playing the game with Japanese voices and French subtitles, but I do not know how to do to create an UNDUB version with the PAL European ISO (which includes texts in French). Can you help me (and all the French who dream of playing with Japanese voices at the same time)? Please T_T

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    sullivan2099 Guest
    I downloaded the Vesperia DLC and have been using it and am very grateful for it. I just recently learned that the Vesperia First Strike movie came with two more costumes. One for Yuri an one for Estelle. Is there anyway these can be obtained and updated into the pkg?

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