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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Pache Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    Quote Originally Posted by mamu View Post
    Ok, I'll take a look on the Wii version.
    Sorry if made you waste time but i think i found another way to re-compress the files. Someone mentioned the CriPackedFileMaker in this forums, and after some search i found the CriPackedFileMaker 1.36 and it was able to re-compress rootR.cpk without problems!

    Here is how i did it:

    1: Unpack wii's tales rootR.cpk with quickbms and the script
    2: edit any file you want. (optional)
    3: open CriPackedFileMaker.exe, select the folder of the unpacked files (if you did i right, it will show a list with all the files, sizes etc)
    4: click "Build CPK file...", select the new file to save and:
    - Data Align: 2048
    - File Mode: ID+Filename
    - uncheck: Try Compression
    - uncheck: Mask Directories Information
    - Check: Output Header Definition of ID numbers
    5: Click "Start to Build" and wait....
    6: Use your favorite tool to replace rootR.cpk in the wii iso file or make a new wii iso (i'm using Wit to remake the iso).
    Done! i hope this will be useful for someone else too.

    Now just need to find a way to do a correct edit of the scs (skit text) files (they are a little different from the ps3 scs files, Attached), and there is some sort of "tags" like, color tags (see the screenshots, first one edited with SCSEdit_101). At least, for a first attempt, it is working.

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    Pache Guest
    Just some more information i found, there are 2 pages that need to be removed with SCSEdit from the ps3 skit scs files, then it will work on the wii version. They are pages 1 and 9.

    I tried mass editing the 317 ps3 scs files with notepad++ and fixing the color tags too (the "($_XXXX)character_name_here(0)" ) but looks like there are some values in the file headers that need to be changed too, but i don't know anything about the structure of this file.

    If i open the manually edited ps3 file in SCSEdit and save it as a a new file, it is compatible and works fine. Maybe if mamu could add some sort of option to the SCSEdit tool like "batch remove pages x,y,z and save", that would save a lot of work!

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    mamu Guest
    Nice work!

    The SCS file header stores the offsets (=where is a text page in the file). When you edit the file manually (eg. remove the color tags), you also change the place of the other pages. So you either have to fix all the offsets or add the same number of characters (spaces, nulls) that you have removed. I can add a search & replace function to SCSEdit, but it will take some time.

    But you can expect the batch remove script soon

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    SambucaSebi Guest
    hi there, can someone fix Tales.of.graces.F.EUR.PS3-iNSOMNi???? I would like to play the Game. Nice weekend and thanks

    I have the files, when someone need the files. Please help

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    asslowashell Guest
    mamu, thanks again! Frankenstein'ed the game according to your instructions with your latest eboot and re-up of the fix pack and everything works great first try!

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    Pache Guest
    *Edit: Pages 1 and 10 from an untouched ps3 SCS. (After you remove page 1, 10 will be 9... i confused things)

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    mamu Guest
    Here is the batch remover, just drag your files to it and it will remove pages 1 and 10.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Hopefully switching the menu will help. Wonder how this is encrypted really. Those dlc should be able to work in japanese at least... Damn Namco (I mean on the us version) The crash that occur seems really related to the japanese font (special characters)

    Nothing crash when there are occidental chars

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    random456 Guest
    Hey all.

    So it seems like a pretty slim hope of seeing the U.S. version with fully working DLC from Japan anytime soon (although clearly not for lack of effort!). As far as I can see, the only way to really get the "full" game is to play a Japanese base undub with DLC.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think most distributions of the Japanese based undub has dubbed movies. I was wondering if someone could tell me how to replace them with the japanese voiced movies. I'd prefer if the movies had subtitles, but it's not that important. I can understand Japanese well enough to read novels, it's just too slow and time consuming to go through a whole game.

    Thanks! I appreciate all the work you guys have done!

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    Pache Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mamu View Post
    Here is the batch remover, just drag your files to it and it will remove pages 1 and 10.
    Thanks a lot mamu! Just something i missed last time, some PS3 characters line start with a tab (image/focus change) right? well, that tab needs to be removed too... could you implement a fix for that in the next release please?

    Thanks again.

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