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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mamu View Post
    Some things may be obvious, but it might be useful.
    If we replace the menu files would this change the font used by the game to the japanese and permit to load all the dlc? Maybe the font is stored on the JPN eboot? Maybe the dlc named are pre-stored also on the eboot? When Niwakun wrote about changing the name of the titles. he might have done that on the eboot and not on the DLC files ?

    or Maybe he has a method to decrypt the EDAT to be able to edit them. My opinion is like yours the edat contains files. Each edat is resigned to 3.55 and react decrypt them and resign them.

    I asked someone if we are able to have only the decrypted file using react without the resigning and he said it would mean modifying react (and for that we need the source of the apps that we don't have)

    I hope we could find some answer soon to be able to at least rename the dlc and use them even in japanese. DLC solution might be found on the EBOOT.

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    mamu Guest
    It depends on how the game handles the letters. It seems like the game has no problems with JP characters until they are not on the main menu, so I think the bug is in the menu file. It is also possible that the main menu cannot display the blank characters the same way as the other screens. If replacing the main menu won't help, using the JP font file might work.

    Everything that is related to a DLC should be stored in its edat files. Storing hundreds of DLC titles in the eboot would cause a lot of problems. But since the game files are full of weird thing, I wouldn't call this idea impossible either.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Ok It's more clear for me now. It might be the menu that doesn't display the characters and provoke some bugs and crash. Replacing it might fix all the problem. I like your idea mamu.

    I'am now thinking about another possibility. If there is no integrity/ data checking and the name and menu information is stored on the "edat unlocker" this simple trick could also work.

    It might be possible by renaming the dlc edat file to make the game load a different DLC and make it believe that it's the good one. For example we can try to put the name of the file of an official US dlc edat that works "xxxx.edat" on a japanese dlc edat file "yyyy.edat" with the good edat unlocker for the "xxxx.edat" (1kb file unlocker) and check the result. The DLC should be the same kind for example costume (so we need to identify each kind of DLC, that's the hardest part) The game might load the DLC believing that it's the official one.

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    BluRay Guest
    Good to see you guys are making progress on this, good luck.

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    mamu Guest
    There is some kind of data check. I tried loading the same DLC multiple times, but it gave me error. There may be DLCs where this method works, as long as there are no duplicates, eg. loading a costume twice.

    Identifying the DLCs won't be hard, the game shows the DLCs in the same order as the files were loaded.

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    asslowashell Guest
    Hey guys! I love what you guys have done for Graces! I played through the game in Japanese on Wii when it first came out and it quickly became my favorite tales game due to the epic battle system. I know intermediate Japanese - enough to have no problems playing and understanding all the story and WONDERFUL skits and character interactions the game has, but some NPC banter is hard to figure out without a dictionary.

    Later, when Graces F came out, I then played through in Japanese on PS3 like... 3 times (once including future arc) with various groups of friends loving every bit of it. Most recently, played through the English released version all the way including future arc and it was good to play through it in English once to hear the voices, even though they were mostly "meh" and Sophie and Pascal's English voices I greatly disliked. Sheria's was great though.

    Anyway, I'm gearing up for yet another Graces playthrough this Thanksgiving with a different set of people and this time I would REALLY love to play this Undub version. They don't know Japanese so it's English, Undub, or bust. There's no way I can stomach another English playthrough. Shame really, I loved the Vesperia English voices a TON!!!, but I suppose a character like Sophie or Pascal is just not doable in the English language, though I thought Rita wouldn't be doable in English either but her VA did an amazing job!

    Which brings me to my request. I own physical discs for both JP and EN versions of Graces so I'm ready to frankenstein me a JP-base (I want to use ALL DLCs, since I've never played with the DLCs before!!!) mamu, can you or anyone else for that matter, re-upload your fix pack "repack tools & fixed files - (~127MB)" to MediaFire again or to any other host (usable in US)? It seems to have gotten taken down. I do not mind that the JP-base isn't 100% "perfect" like a US-base one, so long as I can use all the DLCs.

    I greatly thank everyone, especially mamu, for their hard work! In case you all don't know, New Game+ with accel mode and 4 players on a really hard difficulty is just deliciously fun. Was very disappointed to find out when my Xillia pre-order came in that they completely crapped on the multi-player

    I will not bother playing a US release of that one, but I can see where single player players might like the game even though the characters seem kinda haphazardly mixed together without any real good reason to travel together or good bonds/skits/interactions between them. To each his own I guess.

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    mamu Guest
    Here it is:

    And the last translated eboot EBOOT:

    Quote Originally Posted by asslowashell View Post
    Was very disappointed to find out when my Xillia pre-order came in that they completely crapped on the multi-player
    Oh no... I liked multiplayer too

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    asslowashell Guest
    Thank you so much!

    Oh really? Hmm, did you play with 2 people? I think it would be fine/good for 2 player. Sorry, I was referring to 4 player. I always play tales games 4 player, haha. Link system ruins it for 4 player.

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    Pache Guest

    Question Wii rootR.cpk

    Hi, thanks for the tools! I tried rebuilding Wii's rootR.cpk using the cpkforp (just a test, no files modified) and there is always one file that gets corrupted.

    I tried the two quickbms unpack scripts (keep_compression and uncompress) and then i tried cpkcr but still no luck.
    j:\Tales\Wii>cpkcr.exe -f rootR.cpk -d root -l CPK_FileSizes.txt -v
    cpkcr 1.4a
    :cpkcr: Opening original file rootR.cpk
    :cpkcr:   original cpk size is 805846856
    :cpkcr:   1633969522 files are in the archive
    :cpkcr:   content offset is 0 (0x0)
    :cpkcr:   etoc offset is 12294 (0x3006), size 121176064
    :cpkcr:   saving header to the memory...ok
    :cpkcr:   saving etoc to the memory...ok
    :cpkcr:   file closed.
    :cpkcr: Reading file list from CPK_FileSizes.txt
    :cpkcr:   reading number of files... 1849 on list
    ::ERROR:: The number files on list and
    ::ERROR:: in the cpk must be the same!
    If it's not asking too much, could you please make it compatible with wii's rootR.cpk please? since we got access to almost all the files, i want to try and see if a translation is possible for this version.

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    mamu Guest
    Ok, I'll take a look on the Wii version.

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