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  1. #811
    BluRay Guest
    Does that "fixed" DLC work on the original (no undub) USA version?

  2. #812
    lyhonlam Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kokotas View Post
    Just finished uploading. Fixed rootR.cpk and japanese movie files are now in the mediafire folder.

    bink.part7 have problem: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wqhs1gx5ud1d6og

    Can you reupload it ?

  3. #813
    kokotas Guest
    I'm at work now, and I'm not sure I have kept the files. I will check when I get home in a few hours. In the meantime try to redownload the file, because I find it weird that you're the only one having a problem with it.

  4. #814
    ef24tass Guest
    So , 4.21 came out. Can any one made eboot and dlc fixed for jap version on that CFW ?

  5. #815
    mamu Guest
    There aren't too many good results yet, but i'll do some tests on thursday too.

    I wonder how did niwakun edit the files? I couldn't find the text in readable format in the DLCs.

  6. #816
    Kenshindono Guest
    Likewise I just spent two hours looking onto the files checking every coding but nothing and like Niwakun someone reported that he could edit the files. Wonder how both were able to edit them ?

    Niwakun please? H E L P ^_^

  7. #817
    cakissimo Guest
    PAL version is now playable with the last CFW rogero and multiman, if you have blackscreen uncheck all options in the menu of multiman (bdemu, quick launch... etc...)

  8. #818
    mamu Guest
    Some things may be obvious, but it might be useful.

    All DLCs consist of a header (...B.edat) and data (...D.edat) file. There are two kinds of data files; the unlocker type and the actual new content type. Header files have ~1KB average size, and the data is smaller than the header for unlockers. The game displays the DLC in the same order as they were loaded.

    About the missing carta DLC. The preorder DLC is #119 in the JP game and #76 in the US, the #76 is originally the Carta unlocker DLC. It should work if you replace the JP #119 with the US #76 and use the original JP #76.

    I'm not sure about this since I'm not into security and compression, but it looks like the edats have encrypted content. The file itself is not comressed, as there are recognizable parts like the package name, something that may be a description (which is partially replaced with the "Fixed by..." text), then comes the actual data, and between the parts there is a 2^n aligned padding too.

    If we could decrypt it, I think a DLC would contain a small cpk or FPS4 file. The game checks the files at loading, so you cannot load the same file twice (although I have only tried this with costume files). The game does not cares about the file number or the original package name (I've tried this with edited files).

    About the text encoding, the game just replaces unknown characters with the X-like symbol. It looks like that the main menu screen can't do this, so it can't write out the title under the character portrait (different font size maybe?). I wonder what would happer if we replace the menu files.

  9. #819
    Solus Guest
    Hey, is there any way to make the jpn save an eng save? Or do I have to start over?

  10. #820
    smokyyuwe Guest
    Change any BLJS10093 to BLUS30903 in the savedata. I did it myself and it worked fine. Let me be a little more clear.

    I started a new game with the english copy, started and saved a new game, then went to /dev_hdd0/home/USERID/savedata/. Move the files from BLJS10093-APPDATA00 to BLUS30903-APPDATA00 and files from BLJS10093-SYSDATA to BLUS30903-SYSDATA. Then I reloaded restarted my system (just to be sure), loaded my english ToGf and loaded from my earlier save.

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