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    It's only the Free DLC of Xillia, still many works on this one. We need the files to FIX them All (RAP + PKG)

    Rage I tested all the link and they are fine.

    Test again and report.

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    I get this message from Mediafire when I click on your links:

    The file you attempted to download is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of broken or encrypted archives and the limit for this file has been reached. This file may only be distributed from a premium account.

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    Jun 2012
    I'm still alive Finally have time to check the DLCs this weekend, could you upload them again? Your files probably got removed by copyright bots, so I suggest something other than mediafire for this.

    I have some theories and ideas to check, but you may expecting a too much from me. I'm not a wizard

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    I see, that's because my files are always encrypted I'll reupload that soon.

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    That would explain the message I got then. Anyhow, take your time re-uploading it, I just thought I point it out to you that the links weren't working. I will mirror it once you reupload it again.

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    the technique with that is re-pack the archive with another archive, but the base archive must be not encrypted with the other one is encrypted.

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    I'm not exagerating, I'm showing respect ^_^ You are probably one of the best with Mugi that was able to make this kind of work and was also able to create the very first UNDUB release for PS3.

    Mamu you are creating tools, coding, translating, fixing, tweaking and seriously for all that, just one word "respect". Despite that, you like working on games from Japan & it's just great and like you I think "Tales of" series is worth working on it and that also is a really good point.

    I have reuploaded the files and rage will make some mirrors links for the files.

    I'am really glad that you have some theories & you found some times to check this this week end! Thank you

    pass : undub

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    Kenshindono, does your dlc include all the togf dlc? works for USA undub?


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    Partially yes. Most of the DLC works but there is many costume that needs tweaking and translation on both titles and description to work.

    Check the previous post you will have some information about the status and there is also a great testing made by Niwakun that explain what we have also to do to make some of them works.

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    I reuploaded Kenshindono's fixed Tales of Graces f DLC here:

    pass: undub

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