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    Apr 2012
    Thank you Lando43.

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    ...And here's a new eboot:

    This one translates most of the skills you gain from mastering titles, not all, but most, and changes some of the translated item descriptions to their official localized descriptions.

    I decided to make this after seeing the new topics you guys made, and also because i have access to the US version now, so i can just use the text from it.

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    Thx for this one AndreTrek.

    Btw for the movies just replace the movies files with the ones from the english version.

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    Jan 2012
    AndreTrek, can you upload the decrypted eboot? I want to look into it and cant decrypt eboots on this PC, maybe we can change some references to "Sys dir" and make rootR.cpk from US ver to work.

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    i've tried doing that before, sadly, it didn't work.

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    Apr 2012
    Theres a way to translate the whole menu? I mean, skills, items, status etc.

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    I was tried to use quickbms and cpkmakec to replace some files from rootR.cpk US to rootR.cpk JP. However, whatever i tried there are no result at all and it got stuck in loading screen.

    I noticed that when I only replace 1 small file only 4 kb, when I compress it back into rootR.cpk again, the total size is change so much when compare with original one, I don't know why. I think that it realte with the eboot but I don't know how to edit the eboot at all.

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    i think there's some bug with this patch. the extra dungeon zhonecage or something can't progress..

    switched back to jap eboot and the 2 cpk file then it worked.

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    yeah, zonecage is glitched. sadly, theres nothing we can do to fix it.

    since the problem is with the english Map0r and 1r files, you can keep using the eboot, just switch back those files and zonecage will work.

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    Feb 2012
    Currently the program only checks the header of NOR, But I'm studying the structure of NOR and NAND to do a full scan. So who wants to help will be grateful.

    I'm new in this area and still do not know much, But I know how to program I will strive to do better, Thanks for the support

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