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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Kenshindono Guest

    Big Grin

    Yeah we fixed TOV DLC too with my mate and many others. Glad to see the files making their way to reach here lol. But it's not really needed for this thread

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Thanks to one of my mate here is a useful page ( =1) that describe with pics the EURO DLC released and contained on both JPN and USA pack but of course some of them might not work at the moment and probably need to be fixed. Also many of JPN will sadly not be released for US and US version.

    Hopefully we can fix the JPN DLC to be able to use them on US version.

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    Axlmegaman Guest
    Oh, sorry about that, i was unaware that you guys fixed the dlc, i had managed to find it on some random site and not on any other site. Thanks for doing so, the costumes in ToV are awesome, just being able to see Judith as KOS-MOS is all i need.

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    omegafoxx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Axlmegaman View Post
    Well if any one needs it, here is the ToV fixed dlc, just install and play
    Is this only for the Japanese version?

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    Axlmegaman Guest


    Two Things:

    1. Yes
    2. Are you implying that there is an English ToV for the PS3?, because this is the DLC for the JPN ps3 version, it still works even if you're using the partially english patched version

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    Kenshindono Guest
    No prob. I just hope we can manage to fix the DLC for the US version of TOGf the same way as the japanese version. Definitely worth it! There is some costume of TOV or Radiant maybe on TOGf. I don't really remember which one of them. (need to check the list) Anyway TOV is fixed just waiting for the translation work to finish now.

    I asked for a complete DLC list for ToGf to my mate. I hope he can make it soon. The previous one is still incomplete.

    And after that there is still the comparison work to check what is working on US version that comes from the JPN dlc version (US version pack FIXED is a mix between those two version DLC) and what will probably need complete translation. If someone can manage to do this job here, this will help a lot.


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    Axlmegaman Guest
    I can somewhat help with that list, i'll post what i know:

    Available in USA :Raven (Malik), Flynn (Hubert), Harold (Pascal), Natalia (Cheria), Zelos (Richard), Leon (Asbel) (Just all Tales Costumes actually)

    Other Costumes: Cowgirl (Pascal), Aviator (Asbel) School (everybody) (Basically if it isn't a JPN reference such as Miku Hatsune, Toro, or.hack, then its in there)

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    omegafoxx Guest
    sorry i was looking for the dlc for tales of graces f, didnt realize this was for tales of vesparia. a lot of pages in this thread to go through, anyone have a link to a working tales of graces f dlc pkg?

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    Axlmegaman Guest
    Kenshindono uploaded it on Page 78

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    alcorcon242 Guest
    didn't know this was out, ty~

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