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  1. #761
    theaznshumai Guest
    Hi, I recently packed the rootR.cpk and tried the us base with jap voices and everything seems to work fine. I ran into a bug when hubert reappears, where the english voice track for the crowd plays instead of the jap track. I was wondering if I was the only one getting this bug. Not too big of a deal, but just wanted to see if other people were getting this also.

  2. #762
    wolverinecar Guest
    Thanks for this tool mamu

  3. #763
    mamu Guest
    finally got the eur version. i took a look on the files, and i think it is possible to change the language.

  4. #764
    calisleo Guest
    thanks for the tool menu.. keep it up

  5. #765
    cakissimo Guest
    Is it a way to play this game in french please ? with an EUR eboot or a mix method with us, jap and eur version

  6. #766
    MalayZN Guest
    any news on the dlcs?

  7. #767
    Yub3r Guest
    Hi, I have a problem. I copied the EUR Version to my internal HD, but Multiman doesn't show me the game. Other games are working. I also tried to fix the eboot and param.sfo with the US patch, but it also didn't work and MM didn't show the game.

    Maybe I need the original eboot and param.sfo? Thank you for help

  8. #768
    Nogitsune Guest
    to Yub3r: that's odd. did you double check the files in Games/<ToG folder>/PS3_GAME/

    multiman not showing the game has nothing to do with eboot as far as i know.

  9. #769
    Yub3r Guest
    thank you for the answer. I've made a screenshot. Maybe a file is missing?

  10. #770
    Kenshindono Guest
    The patch doesn't work with Euro version guys. Don't need to try. The last process is made only for US.

    Mamu Private Message sent ^_^

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