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  1. #741
    kokotas Guest
    I can, if mamu allows it

  2. #742
    Kenshindono Guest
    After a week of works it's great to come back and see that the perfect undub patch is released. Thanks for all the hard work you did Mamu, Oxinar and also Solus. The first real undub release on PS3 was made by you guys and that's really great. This project now end with a perfect note thanks to Mamu and this final procedure.

    And now the new project is Tales of Xillia with a translation project and an UNDUB project coming once the localized version comes out. Mamu also did a great job coding and providing the tools. The translation project need translator to help Oxinar who already did a great job on Xillia. I'am also trying to recruit more translator everywhere for the project and testing what I can test considering my job at night.

    So people who are willing to help can contact Oxinar or Mamu on the thread and ask for files to translate or extract Xillia files by themselves : Go on the Project thread there http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...tml#post426128. You can also help by testing or giving encouragement to those great guys.

    I would like to say all my thanks to this great team and for their marvelous work. Keep going guys.

  3. #743
    BassSpikez Guest
    Hm... where is bink.part10.rar?

  4. #744
    kokotas Guest
    Just finished uploading. Fixed rootR.cpk and japanese movie files are now in the mediafire folder.


  5. #745
    BassSpikez Guest

  6. #746
    mamu Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kokotas View Post
    I can, if mamu allows it
    I allow it

  7. #747
    kokotas Guest
    Thanks mamu! You can find all the files described in mamu's tutorial in my mediafire folder.

  8. #748
    fenrrir18 Guest
    Thanks for uploading this.

  9. #749
    tpmjb Guest
    Is there anyway to re-dub the battle voices easily (like the victory pose)? Reason being is those aren't subtitled (for obvious reasons) so I'd like to know what my characters are saying in battle, even if the voices are cheesy.

  10. #750
    mamu Guest
    there is a subbed collection on youtube

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