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  1. #731
    BassSpikez Guest
    Great work mamu

    I just cant find a JP release of the game (BLJS10093)... can someone please upload Tales of Graces F with the latest fix and undub for 3.55? Thanks

  2. #732
    PSFreak26 Guest
    Nearly every JP PS3 Game can be found here: tokyoraw-anime.com/category/ps3-games

  3. #733
    BassSpikez Guest
    I already know this but no graces f...

  4. #734
    Nogitsune Guest
    thanks a lot mamu. we all owe you a great deal.

    and can i ask anyone to upload the undub files on mediafire or something like that? depositfiles doesn't work for me

    thanks in advance

  5. #735
    wolfpack122 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mikimay View Post
    The new tutorial is for the new undub with US base right?
    That is correct.

  6. #736
    kwii626 Guest
    Bravo mamu Bravo. I actually thought we'd have to use the jp as a base file but you manage to completely undub the english release. TYVM!!!!

  7. #737
    kokotas Guest
    Just tested it and so far no problem I'm uploading the fixed rootR.cpk in mediafire for those who can't find the JP version.

    This is the folder, but it will take about 5 hours from now to finish uploading: http://www.mediafire.com/?8oc1469n4296f

    I might also upload the jp bink folder later, if anyone needs it.

    Thank you mamu! Now everyone can enjoy a perfect undub version. And I know I said before that the english voiceovers were decent, but I had only listened to the chibi voices. The grown up ones are kinda off and irritating, so this is really appreciated.

  8. #738
    fenrrir18 Guest
    Please also upload the jp bink folder. Thanks

  9. #739
    kokotas Guest
    Started uploading the jp bink folder. It's larger than rootR so it will take a bit more to finish. You can find it in the same folder

  10. #740
    Nogitsune Guest
    can you upload repack tools & fixed files that mamu posted on the last page in your mediafire folder too? its just 82mb.

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