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  1. #721
    ricksu Guest
    Woow finally I can pla this game.. Thanks Itachi

  2. #722
    kokotas Guest
    Worked like a charm Itachi, thank you.

  3. #723
    lzyslckr Guest
    DLC won't work on the US. It freezes the game. It comes out as null.

    Anyways thank you Itachi.

  4. #724
    mamu Guest
    i'm back and testing the game right now.

    update: after fixing the script it works correctly. i will now test the skits that might have problems.

    update 2: here is final script and guide

    What you will need:

    • JP release of the game (BLJS10093)
    • US release of the game (BLUS30903)
    • 8GB of free space recommended


    • Make a new empty folder somewhere, for example C:/talesfix
    • Extract the contents of graces_undub.zip to here.
    • You can place quickbms and the script anywhere, they don't have to be in this folder. Extract the zip that contains the bms file too.
    • Copy rootR.cpk from the japanese game (BLJS10093/PS3_GAME/USDIR) to here and rename it to rootR_JP.cpk
    • Make two new folders in your talesfix folder : jp_files, us_files


    • open quickbms
    • select the script file (cpk_ndc.bms)
    • select the japanese rootR.cpk
    • select the jp_files folder

    • open quickbms
    • select the script file (cpk_ndc.bms)
    • select the english rootR.cpk
    • select the us_files folder


    • Start FIX_ROOTR.BAT
    • It will make a new file called rootR_fixed.cpk


    • Copy the english game to your PS3
    • Rename rootR_fixed.cpk to rootR.cpk and copy over the original
    • Copy the japanese movie files over too (USRDIR/bink folder)
    • Enjoy

  5. #725
    rafaelviglietti Guest

    Confused DLC ToG customs

    Sorry for mamu English - google translator

    I wonder if it is possible to correct the titles of the customs of the USA version, the title when selected crashes the game, thanks for the excellent work

  6. #726
    mamu Guest
    i don't know yet how to make dlcs work, if i will have time, i will take a look on it.

  7. #727
    rafaelviglietti Guest
    Thank you and I look forward to a solution, very good game.

  8. #728
    Lusanagi Guest
    thank you very much mamu!

    so, with this latest tutorial/repack tools and fixes we can make an undub using the US version as base?

  9. #729
    niwakun Guest
    mamu thanks for the undub dude! now I do hope that you can do something with Japanese DLC's specially the costumes. (as we don't have codegeass costume, imas costume, toro costume and miku costume in western release)

  10. #730
    mikimay Guest
    The new tutorial is for the new undub with US base right?

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