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  1. #61
    shinintendo Guest
    story is the only thing that got translated from Map0R.cpk and Map1R.cpk

    need menu+descriptions+pop ups+movies subs.

  2. #62
    Lunarhawk Guest
    Extremely glad you guys are doing this, hope it goes well... but quick question: Will you ever be able to transfer over the english audio as well or is that locked in some part of the US eboot that makes it impossible?

  3. #63
    shinintendo Guest
    I believe if they can extract and repack and make the game recognize it they can basically do anything with the files inside, audio included.

    To everyone who wants enter mirc:
    server undernet random EU
    channel #TOGF

    Edit: Sorry for the posts, but AndreTrek do you plan to finish the eboot translation or this is as far as you go? just want to know thanks!

  4. #64
    AndreTrek Guest
    Sorry, but i don't have any plans of working on the eboot anymore, since no one seems to be getting anywhere with the .cpk editing. i was hoping someone would find a way to edit the .cpk so i could keep using the JP version due to the DLC and because i have the ex new game bonuses since i've already finished the game once, but since apparently its not going to happen, i'll just stick with the US version.

    Also, with what i've currently translated on the eboot, most people should be able to play it without problems, so i dont see any reason to keep working on it.

  5. #65
    styku Guest

    Tales of Graces JPN Eboot for 3.55

    Hi all, can someone help me with my problem?

    I read this topic and AndreTrek uploaded translated eboot for TOG F for 3.55, but the link is dead and topic is closed...

    AndreTrek help please, upload this eboot once again, cuz i downloaded your previously EBOOT but after confirming the settings in Tales of graces JPN the game freezes... and this EBOOT you made earlier to correct this problem is unavailable on mediafire cuz its say it has been deleted..

    PLEASE upload this eboot once again, for JPN and 3.55


    Nobodys gonna help me?

  6. #66
    Taub Guest
    Yes please. I'm also in big need of the EBOOT. would anyone be so kind to upload it?

  7. #67
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have merged and temporarily reopened this topic, however, as AndreTrek is no longer working on it odds are nobody will reupload the missing files.

  8. #68
    styku Guest
    Thank you for moving my thread here and opening it..

    Please someone be so kind and upload eboot for 3.55 JPN TOGF

    We cant play it cuz the link is dead...

  9. #69
    Taub Guest
    As far as i have noticed, the first EBOOT uploaded by AndreTrek only causes trouble when creating a new game and not when loading an already existing game. i used the original japanese EBOOT and created a new game, saving from beginning of the game.

    then i switched to AndreTrek's EBOOT and i was able to load my saved game. With the translation i understand most of what i need, though i would really like to see the skills & artes translated. oh well

  10. #70
    Lando43 Guest
    here is the latest eboot posted by Andretrek: http://www.zomgupload.com/clefan2qxsyt.html

    without fixing rooR.cpk the game is hardly in English. only dialog boxes are. Rest of the game, including skits, menus, anime subtitles and voice acting are still Japanese.

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