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  1. #671
    mamu Guest
    i made a new thread for xillia modding


  2. #672
    SEPATRON Guest
    hey guys! i have no exp making fixes, so i really hope someone will dive into making a' fix for Tales of Graces F eng clandestine soon!!!! i know all of us true to the tales gamers would be eternally grateful!!!

  3. #673
    Kenshindono Guest
    Great news

  4. #674
    Fidelx5 Guest
    Thanks I will try this now Hope I can play this now in English.

  5. #675
    LK89 Guest
    Hi newbie here.. Can someone tell me what should i do to play this undub game?

    Have the original jap of grace? what files should i download?

    Thank you

  6. #676
    niwakun Guest
    LK89 you need the japanese togf files (probably you will be using 60% of the japanese files for an undub and the rest are english files) and then use your current togf english files, extract all files using cpk unpacker and use the previous patching tool.

    I think in the choices when you run the fix_rootr the only choose from it is 0, 1 and 2 . although theres a hidden thing there and that's the 3 which is used for undubbing the english game into japanese.

  7. #677
    valoo07 Guest
    Hi newbie here too, when i try to use the FIX-ROOTR i've got a message about the file size of the rootR_JP (mine is 1.74GB or it might be 1.83GB, i don't understand why ! I havn't touch anything !) Could anyone could upload a valid rootR_JP please ?

    Thank you a lot !

  8. #678
    mamu Guest
    hi, are you sure it is the japanese rootR? the american one is 1.74GB, so you should use the 1.83GB file.

  9. #679
    valoo07 Guest
    Yes i've just check it, it seams i have the 1.74GB files in my BLJS10093 folder... I don't understand. So could you upload yours please ? I'm sorry to ask this

  10. #680
    Kenshindono Guest
    Perfect Edition of the Undub will probably come with the US Eboot being decrypted (hope soon) thanks to Mamu. And the process will be somewhat different from the japanese version If we don't use it. 2 options :

    Using the japanese version of the eboot and translate what still need to be translated using the US version of eboot.
    Using the US eboot and change the method and the script to repack the files with japanese audio.

    Just wait a little more before asking anyone to upload the entire file. I'm sure the N0DRM team will decrypt it soon.
    For the moment try to get an untouched version of the japanese game since you already have the US version.

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