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  1. #641
    shinintendo Guest
    Bernywtf about the Japanese dlc maybe try holding X for 6 sec than play the game (I think you'll get an error like I did)
    than try again with holding 6 sec the triangle.

    I had my "advanture" about trying to solve it, I did almost anything with the guide on notepad that came with the release of reactpsn 2.2. at the end it worked fine (as I said couple of pages ago)

  2. #642
    nerox9 Guest
    awesome !! does it fix the skit problem as well ? i'll give it a try and see what happens.

    can you upload your skitfix folder ? because the one that mamu posted in his gracefix does not have no 11 and no 29

  3. #643
    Syndication1773 Guest
    All the files/tools required are in the most recent guide mamu posted. The file list I uploaded also contains the skit fixes

    Woops, also forgot to mention that within the skit folder you need to rename all the files with _FIXED in it. For example CHT_DC011_FIXED.scs would be CHT_DC011.scs

    Well for the extremely lazy: http://www.mediafire.com/?cwvd2ex2j8ebh8k

  4. #644
    mamu Guest
    here's the new eboot, since most inportant things are translated, i focused on new players this time:
    • Dulizing tutorial
    • Eleth Mixer tutorial
    • Some User Guide Battle help
    • Small thing like World Map/Shuttle Controls and Gem polishing
    • Slightly better DLC activation dialogs

    there are mostly dialogs left, but all of them needs some re-wording, and that can be quite time consuming. i'll have less time to work on this, so i think oxinar will continue it.

  5. #645
    bamboo31 Guest
    Since some people here want the already fixed files I will upload them to mediafire soon, however they will be split into 199mb parts since I don't have a premium account.

    I think you can download them all without having to wait in between each though, you just need to enter a captcha. I will update my post when they are up.

    Well it seems I can't edit my post, so here is the link : http://www.mediafire.com/togffix

    You just need to download the files and unrar them. They will automatically rejoin while they unzip. Take note that these files were made using mamu's guide, so the rootr file was made using the japanese base.

  6. #646
    vampneo17 Guest
    thanks a lot , (specially to mamu & oxinar for the fix and translation) for curiosity while downloading the files.

    these files are the latest fix, right ?

    - Zhonecage fix
    - english password chest
    - etc ...

    and again thanks for making it easy for us! now i won't have to download the us vers and jap vers

  7. #647
    bamboo31 Guest
    Yes I used the latest fixes. You still need to download the latest eboot though.

  8. #648
    vampneo17 Guest
    cool then ... just finished downloading all files , gonna try it now ^_^

  9. #649
    Syndication1773 Guest
    Alright had some extra time so I uploaded the dongle rootR undub to mediafire.

    http://www.mediafire.com/?gwaf22wo69ymd (if the folder is empty, its still being uploaded)

    You need a dongle to use this one! Now go enjoy the game and thank mamu and everyone who contributed to this project

  10. #650
    Animus777 Guest
    Great news guys! Proper 3.55 fix for US version Tales of Graces F.BLUS30903: https://safelinking.net/p/6420ff77dc

    My bad. That's original eboot.

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