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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    mamu Guest
    nerox9: title DLCs crash the US game

    indigo: yes they are included. everything you need is in the package, just run the .bat files.

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    Twitch30 Guest
    Actually I had the same problem, and I have yet to try the DLCs. It seems that following your guide results in a cpk with the font(s) from the Japanese version, correct? I fixed mine by using the font(s) from the US release; unfortunately I don't recall the specifics of the method I used.

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    nerox9 Guest
    not that can't be it, because I didn't use any DLC at all ... I figured it out it was because I used the Japanese .cpk as abase .. i tried to use the american and changed the name to rootR_JP.cpk .. but then it gave me an error about a size miss mach .. so I edited the FIX_ROOTR.BAT to inlude the USA .cpk size file..

    the it gave me another error about the .txt file so I used your earlier gui program to create a list and then manually editing (removing the 2 sysstringfiles and adding the 0.. chd files)

    after that it repacked nicely and everything wont smooth .. however the Skit problem was not fixed .. to my understanding that the patch that you made added the skitfix folder to it .. or should I copy them manually ??

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    bamboo31 Guest
    Okay so I was a bit unclear about how to do the undub for the US version as a base, and I may have caused some confusion so I will make a more detailed guide how to make it run.
    • First of all, grab all the necessary tools from mamu's post on page 60.
    • Now create jp_files, us_files, map0R_files, and map1R_files folders.
    • Next you will need to take the rootR.cpk from your japanese game, and rename that to rootR_JP.cpk
    • Next take the rootR.cpk, map0R.cpk and map1R.cpk from the US version of the game and rename them to rootR_US, map0R_US.cpk and map1R_US.cpk
    • Now you will need to unpack these files, so unpack the japanese file to jp_files, the american rootR to us_files, map0R_US to the map0R_files and map1R_US to map1R_files.
    • Once you have done this, run FIX_ROOTR.BAT, once that one is done run FIX_MAP0R.BAT, and then FIX_MAP1R.BAT.
    • Now you will have rootR_fixed.cpk, map0R_fixed.cpk and map1R_fixed.cpk in your folder. Rename them to rootR.cpk map0R.cpk and map1R.cpk
    • Copy these files into the US version of the game and overwrite the original files (you may want to back them up, just in case). If you want the japanese videos too then also copy the japanese movies into the US game.
    • Then you copy this US version of the game with the modded files to your PS3, apply the dongle eboot to the game and everything should work.

    Sorry if I made any mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.

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    mamu Guest
    oh, sorry then, there were just too many dlc problems lately.

    do not move any files, in worst case it can give you forever loading. instead, you can edit the listfile txts, but you need to know the uncompressed size of the files.

    using us fonts might fix the problem, but most likely all jap letters will be replaced with a blank character. the menu might look a bit different too. anyway, i attach a listfile, use this instead of rootr_undub.txt

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    why can't someone just have all files fixed and ready and upload the whole thing ready to go?? seems like 200 hundred different steps n explaining when someone who's done it and is complete can just rar it up and upload it?

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    vampneo17 Guest
    that would be awesome, however i wouldn't ask mamu (and other who are fixing the game) to do it since they seem busy resolving a lot of problems ATM regarding DLC in US base ToG F... but as stated initially i would be really grateful to anyone uploading the latest fix where u have the english password and stuffs working

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    bernywtf Guest
    anyone with a base understanding of reactpsn can help me activate my dlc ? for some reason they won't activate on normal mode, and triangle mode will freeze on black screen while rebooting.

    i got rebug with update 7, react 2.20, user "aa" (but it never changes into any other name, i think it's not needed anymore, as other dlcs like disgaea 3 works, it also said something like 3250 act last time i launched it)

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    nerox9 Guest
    thx, what base should i use ? Japanese or usa ? i tried using the usa and i got this :
    cpkcr 1.4a
    :cpkcr: Opening original file rootR_JP.cpk
    :cpkcr:   original cpk size is 1871941288
    :cpkcr:   2118 files are in the archive
    :cpkcr:   content offset is 104736 (0x19920)
    :cpkcr:   etoc offset is 1871915520 (0x6F932A
    :cpkcr:   saving header to the memory...ok
    :cpkcr:   saving etoc to the memory...ok
    :cpkcr:   file closed.
    :cpkcr: Reading file list from rootr/rootR_undub.txt
    :cpkcr:   reading number of files... 2111 on list
    ::ERROR:: The number files on list and
    ::ERROR:: in the cpk must be the same!

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    Syndication1773 Guest
    Hey for those who want to use the US rootR.cpk as base I have attached a file list that works with it. The steps required are exactly the same as mamu's guide however instead of the Japanese rootR you would use the US rootR

    Seems to be working no problems so far, haven't done extensive testing yet. I did test the titles menu and you can access it without any problems.

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