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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    nerox9 Guest
    Is it possible to just copy the fixed skits files to the USA base tales of graces ? or do I need to have the correct file list for that ?

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    IndigoNovember Guest
    Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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    vampneo17 Guest
    English chest passwords* for English chest passwords be sure to use the latest chest fixed files (Aug.15)

    I still didn't get how to do the chestfix , the game i have now is the one uploaded Tales of Graces F English Patched dubbed vers + the latest eboot.

    mind telling what i should do ?

    Thanks a lot ^_^

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    bamboo31 Guest
    Hey just tried this out, and to anyone using the US version of the game with a dongle, you can use this to undub your game. Just do everything that is posted on page 60 by mamu (thanks a LOT for your hard work dude) except the eboot part.

    Just use your eboot and the game will work with japanese audio and english subtitles, and since you're using a US eboot, all the menus etc. will also be in english.

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    Kenshindono Guest
    I already asked mamu. There are nothing else to do than doing the procedure. Mamu was great and integrated all the process in his patching. Just do the procedure and everything will be ok

    Thanks to the boss

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    vampneo17 Guest
    yeah my error sorry.. when i applied the latest patch the password screen are in english now... however i'm having trouble opening some chest for example the chest in Lhant's Manor, the password should be Aston... but when i enter "ASTON" chest doesn't open... gonna edit this once i cross some password-locked chest again just to confirm or rectify this statement.

    Anyway thanks again enjoying much the game!

    Sable Izole chest isn't working too... , i'm kinda assuming that most of the chest aren't working beside the number password chest like graylesdale (haven't tried it) i'm thinking it could be the difference of upper and lower case letters.

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    mamu Guest
    you have to use the latest eboot AND the latest fix to be able to open the chests. pre-fixed or already repacked files from before aug. 15 will NOT work with english passwords.

    dongle users should use the original (unmodified) map1R.cpk, the fixed one works with jap eboot only, i think.

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    nerox9 Guest
    I am a dongle user and I done everything in this guide except map0 and map1R .. the game booted but when i select the Title in the character status screen the game freeze on me... did I do something wrong ?

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    IndigoNovember Guest
    Wait, is (are) the chest fix file(s) included in the repack tools & fixed files link in your big tutorial post?

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    vampneo17 Guest
    thanks mamu! that should explain it ... i guess i will play the game without opening the chest for now ... i'm playing with the dubbed ToG F.

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