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    Except the dlc I didn't use anything. sorry I can't help in any way maybe someone else will know.

    dunno about any fix but ReActPSN v2.22 is out, try it.

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    Jun 2012
    Zhonecage fixed

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    <3 mamu was it all in the EBOOT ?

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    Jun 2012
    it was a problem with the script files. the dialog box that should appear is not present in the US zonecage, they are in the sysstring files. after copying and adding these texts it works correctly.

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    So, it's a matter or copy paste the sysstring files?

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    Great news mamu!! Great work and investigation

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    Jun 2012
    it's similar to the skit files (as these are scs files too). you have to find the difference between the us and jp files then manually add the missing pages and texts. scsedit don't handles the end-of-text character correctly so it needed a bit of hex editing too. for some reason, when i tried to fix scsedit there were weird problems like randomly unloading pages and such.

    anyway, i'll post the already packed zhonecage cpk with the guide, which will be done soon.

    in the next guide, i'd like to add size checking to detect already repacked files. just to be sure, these sizes for the original files are correct for everyone, right?

    map0R_US 1 695 175 328 bytes
    map1R_US 893 696 320 bytes
    rootR_US 1 871 941 288 bytes
    rootR_JP 1 968 339 456 bytes

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    mine are the exact same, will try to repack the game later, i really am not in the mood right now.

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    Sep 2011
    mine is exactly the same size as well.

    way to go mamu. it's finally done all thanks to you. as i said before you're just epic.

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    me think, too

    never thought somebody would come up with such sneaky self made tools on this game. you have made your name on my list of real ps3 hackers

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