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  1. #571
    Itachi 2121E Guest
    I think the dlcs work with the first user and no need to be in reactpsn user. Also you can copy the saves easily to an usb and then paste it to the other user...

  2. #572
    bernywtf Guest
    i still can't get it to work, when i press triangle on reactpsn it goes black screen forever

  3. #573
    Kenshindono Guest
    Great News mamu. Can't wait for the big update next week. for the edit of the guide, moderator should be able to add a line on it for the copy of the US map0R.cpk.

  4. #574
    shinintendo Guest
    It took me some time till the process was over but it worked fine for me. all the dlc's were loading and worked fine ingame.

    You're right my mistake I thought you need to stay in the reactpsn user to play but it worked fine on the main user as well. so many dlc's >.< can't complain though.

  5. #575
    Kenshindono Guest
    Shinintendo: Does it mean that we don't need react to play with the DLC or still needed for the installation process ? If it's needed for the installation process, I'm almost sure that we can figure out how to bypass that by patching the DLC and doing an NPDRM pkg install

  6. #576
    shinintendo Guest
    I'm not knowledgeable about the subject at all so I will take a wild guess and say reactpsn is still needed for the installation at least.

    and I think it's needed to play them as well, else there would've been a solution for many psn/dlc's by now since way before when the reactpsn was only just appeared.

  7. #577
    bernywtf Guest
    from what i understood you can patch the dlc, and in that case you won't need react, but i dunno how, also shin, did you get the "black screen forever" too ? how much did you wait for it to wake up ?

    it won't respond to the controller either.

  8. #578
    shinintendo Guest
    I had the black screen for 2~min one time only. What I did:

    1) Copy the dlc pkg and reactpsn 2.2 pkg into the usb drive. make new folder in the root of the usb named "exdata" (without the ") and drop all the content of rap folder inside.
    2) I made new user "aa" and installed reactpsn pkg.
    3) I clicked on reactpsn icon while pushing triangle for 6~ sec, after 1 min or so the screen returned to menu.

    If it all go well It should work file now without errors on both original user and reactpsn user.

  9. #579
    sudo2k7 Guest
    I want to start by expressing my gratitude towards mamu for putting all of his hard work into this.

    Now, my problem is that the game hangs at a certain point. Everything went surprisingly well at first. Please be advised that, since this forum apparently has no spoilertags, you should only keep reading if you can deal with minor spoilers. I'm now at the point where I got back home and want to check out the documents in the fathers room, then the screen turns back to load something and this wheel in the right corner just stops spinning, background music keeps going.

    Tried restarting my PS3, currently playing the game from the internal HDD since that's my only option.

    Any advise how I could resolve this? I'm gonna try repacking the files, but I don't know if that's gonna help. Thanks in advance.

    Anyhow, refixing and replacing the map1r file actually worked, even though I didn't have any faith in it at first. So, if someone should encounter a similar issue, you might as well try the same.

    Again, thanks for this patch, I doubt I can put into words how grateful I am for getting into the joy of listening to KanaHanas voice, she alone makes Sophie my favorite tales heroine.

  10. #580
    bernywtf Guest
    then i guess there's something wrong, my react with triangle stays even 30mins with black screen (i have tryed putting only graces's rap in it), i have read that this mode won't work for a lot of people so... no way to use the dlc i guess...

    other than the 240mb pkg you didn't use anything else, right ? i read about a patchfix (3mb) but couldn't get what it does

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