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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    shinintendo Guest
    Yap, take the file map0R.cpk from the USA release and overwrite it with the Japanese one.

    and the repacked files, map1R.cpk and rootR.cpk and you're all set.

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    bernywtf Guest
    mmh.. rag, actually i already have other dlc installed, with just react 2.00 i already don't need the "aa" profile thing and such as it's auto with rebug, or so i understood when i installed it a couple of months ago. i usually install all the dlc and then activate them later, and it usually works, this time i did it like you said and it won't work either.

    so, to elaborate, it shows the namco screen, then loading something, then load system file and then this black error screen with 2 lines (guess it has changed) anyone knows what's wrong ?

    am i doing something wrong or is react 2.2 needed for this one ?

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    Kenshindono Guest
    I absolutely need those DLC too and i can't go to PSN to snatch them. Hum i'll think about that after my tomorrow test.

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    mamu Guest
    I've managed to translate the chest password input dialog and i think i know what's the problem with zhonecage. there will be a big update next week

    as for the guide, i can't edit it, but yes you will also have to copy the US map0R.cpk for the dlcs, be sure that all of them is registered

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    bernywtf Guest
    werewait, i already have us map0, the dlcs are jap version tho *confused* i need to use the us dlc version with the jap game and do the folder-switch-thing like they say for disgaea 4 ?

    if so, do i need to activate it before switching it ?

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    ragragrag Guest
    bernywtf, you need to use the jpn-dlc + the corresponding .rap-files, and you need to use the "aa"-user activation route (like in my tutorial).
    If you do all that it will work just fine.

    There is no need for folder switching etc.

    edit: and use reactpsn2.20, as I wrote in the tutorial, too - some people reported that reactpsn2.0 didn't work for them with the ToGf dlc.

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    shinintendo Guest
    Can you send me the Japenese dlc links (or pm me if it's not allowed)


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    bernywtf Guest
    i see rag, thanks for the help, will try it tomorrow

    shin, i sent you a pm

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    shinintendo Guest
    Thanks mate. ragragrag, I tried to use the Jap dlc with it's rap files.

    I put the rap files in exdata folder. with the reactpsn2.20 trick I had it's named changed to 104rif 0edat. it gave me a message "Download content ownership information is incorrect. please exit the game and download it again"

    I have in the external folder BLJS10093 with the edited files in the guide (works fine without the dlc) What I did wrong?

    Edit: I did it! I activated the Japanese dlc by keeping the TRIANGLE button pressed for 6 sec while the reactpsn2.20 load.. but the only downside is that I must start new game since the saves file from the first user can't be played by the second user. any way around it?

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    Kenshindono Guest
    Great my game is now fully Undub and the story is translated in English Thanks guys. But I think that the DLC might be a problem since we have to use react for them to be activated. We should be able to make a pkg? including all the information of the edat and the installation folder without this or I'am wrong? Thanks again guys

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