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  1. #541
    BluRay Guest
    mamu, If I follow your guide, will it screw up my costume DLC?

  2. #542
    ragragrag Guest
    vampneo17 Ok, just got home and checked the DLC names.

    You can enable all the stuff up to 獲得スキルポイント2倍, which is the first grade shop enhancement (you can decide which one you want to have and which one you want to use in your NG+ - just use my link I posted before, to see what the grade shop items do.) The stuff before that are a few apple gels, etc and the costumes/adornments.

    After that the Carta cards items, they are numbered from 1-9 at the end.

    The following items start with チャット[.......], these are all extra skits you could watch.

    After that comes the +lvl stuff, it starts with レベルアップ+x (x some number).

    And the last DLC is a costume again. I hope I could help you.

  3. #543
    mamu Guest
    i just tried ot the dlcs. they should work correctly, but DO NOT mix the releases, the US game will most likely freeze if you activate a JP dlc.

    i also wrote a list of them, hope this helps

    001: Gel Set
    002: Rice, Egg, Bread
    003: Childhood Armors set
    004: Materials for Dualizing
    005: 1000 Gald

    006-010: Swimsuits
    011-043: Extra Costumes
    044-052: Extra Attachments

    053: 2x SP
    054: 2x Drop rate
    055: 1/4 Dualize cost
    056: 2x prod. chance in Eleth Mixer
    057: CC+1
    058: CC+2
    059: inventory increases to 30 items
    060: Eleth Mixer capacity+500
    061: Max HP+1000

    062: Plushies
    063: Eleth Mixer books
    064: Dishes
    065: Fun Weapon materials
    066: Combo Titles
    067: Herbs
    068-076: Magic Carta sets

    077-097: Extra Skits
    098-103: Level up
    104: Pre-order Tales of Destiny Costumes

  4. #544
    vampneo17 Guest
    wow thanks a lot ^_^

  5. #545
    Kenshindono Guest
    Thanks you so much and i'll follow each step from now on.


  6. #546
    dddrizzt Guest
    Where can I find the latest eboot file and latest transations, is there a post with only updates? mamo you kick some serious butt!

    the more you translate the more I enjoy playing, I thought I had the latest but I still have some issues with the books.

    Also the password png for the academy is not working in the game though I double checked with the japanese sites and your answer is correct but the chest does not open , any thoughts?

  7. #547
    ragragrag Guest
    dddrizzt the latest translation is on page 54 of this thread...

    And if you applied mamu's chestfix everything should work just fine. As for the knight school chest you need to look up the english solution, which is "treasure" and using mamu's generated solutions you need to write タカラバコ.

    (which is btw just an arbitrary sequence of the Japanese alphabet and doesn't have any meaning - if I'm wrong with this, you can correct me )

  8. #548
    bernywtf Guest
    i got a problem, when i install the game everything loads up fine, but when i install the dlc it gives a problem (black screen with 4 lines of jap) and i can't go forward, somebody knows how to fix it ?

  9. #549
    ragragrag Guest
    bernywtf, you need to use reactpsn2.20 and the .rap-files for the ToGf DLC - otherwise you will always get this message.

    Here is a little tutorial, which I wrote for someone else:

    1) install cfw 3.55.2
    2) install cfw 3.55.2 update 0.7
    (install update pkg from usb stick, then launch the installed file, after your ps3 updated it should restart and you can delete the update file)
    3) install reactpsn 2.2
    4) make a new user named "aa" (without the quotation marks)
    5) copy the exdata folder, which is in your downloaded ToGf folder, to your usb stick/ext hdd root (note: jak559's release had the .rap-files)
    6) copy the ToGf dlc.pkg to your usb stick, too
    7) connect your usb/hdd to your ps3 and run reactpsn (your ps3 should restart and the user "aa" is renamed into "reactpsn v2.0 Xrif Yedat")
    (X = number of .rap-files, Y = number of edat files, if you just enable the ToGf dlc X=104, Y=0)
    8) install the dlc.pkg
    9) run the game

  10. #550
    mamu Guest
    here is the latest eboot:
    • Grade Shop
    • Battle Bonuses
    • Most How-to tutorials
    • Some System dialogs
    • Most item effects
    • Some title effects
    • Some Richard Artes I missed last time

    i've found another install data skit and the one donkatsu mentioned. they will be fixed in the next guide, and hopefully zonecage will be too.

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