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    Jun 2012
    i fixed the bat and added a bit better error handling. it should work now.

    berny: the skitfix folder is used in the listfile

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    Shouldn't you copy also the map0r.cpk from US version to JP version? you didn't mention that in the guide.

    Pls correct me if I am wrong

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    Jun 2012
    yes you need map0R too. i forgot to mention it since you don't have to fix it yet.

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    I found a skit that was not synced properly with the latest skitfix. skit #269 - CHT_DC029.chd

    I noticed that this skit is misaligned in the middle, but aligns properly at the last text box. I guess the page numbers matched but the middle is still off. I manually edited this with editor. After comparing between the US and JPN version, I noticed that 1 page of text in the US version didn't match anything in the JPN, so I just removed it and didn't bother to combine it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamu View Post
    berny: the skitfix folder is used in the listfile
    oh, ok then, thanks for everything

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    Seems that Sendspace is in the moon right now... If someone could do a mirror of the this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (seems to work 1/100)

    Great job guys i'am amazed by the work. 31 of august when we will have the Euro version we might need to check this and I really hope that it will be more easy to do the UNDUB with that one. Good luck and thanks again.

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    Jun 2012
    here is the latest one:


    - Richard Artes
    - Eleth Mixer conditions
    - A lot of battle texts
    - The whole Magic Carta minigame
    - Gem names
    - Most equipment effects (this also changed title effect text)

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    Thanks for your effort!!! really enjoying this game now , is there a way to have a list of the dlc ? coz i click everything under the item menu and i suddenly got OverPowered in game ...

    too bad i can't understand Jap, i'm only interested in costume and the other accessories like glasses and stuff

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    mamu your like a machine! Really appreciate this, a lot more fun the more I understand. Thanks again.

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    I'd have to check the game to give you the correct names when I am home, but generally use this link, if you have no idea of Japanese signs ( for the SP+/HP+/etc.

    These DLC's are somewhere in the middle and easily to locate if you look for some numbers in the name. Though some of them, like the Eleth Mixer enhancement, don't have any numbers in the name but are next to the other grade shop stuff.

    Some of the last DLC's are +lvl enhancements, as far as I can remember, also good to see with +xlvl.

    The costumes/adornments are mostly at the beginning and come before the grade shop stuff, the only exception is a costume for Sophie/Asbel, which is the very last DLC.

    The Carta cards come after the grade shop with the DLC skits.

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