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  1. #521
    arktos Guest
    if not already noticed, about the trophy files: with the ps3gen tools there is a trophy tool which can extract/edit trophy files. maybe this can help mixing us/jp trophy file

  2. #522
    ef24tass Guest
    About skits. There are all translated , and without freezes ?

    And what about secret dungeon - is it still unwork ?

  3. #523
    mamu Guest
    trophies has to be signed, they have a Sce-Np-Trophy-Signature field in the files. if we could resign it, it should work.

    all the skits should work correctly, but that dungeon is not fixed yet.

  4. #524
    higher87 Guest
    i seem to be having a problem when trying to use the FIX_MAP1R.

    gives an error saying "could not open chestfix some files are missing"

  5. #525
    stryfe1984 Guest
    Having the same problem with the map fix ^

  6. #526
    Lunarhawk Guest
    Is there any chance at all we'll get a normal full english eboot fix what with the recent keys and shit we got or was graces f still "too new" for them to apply?

  7. #527
    bernywtf Guest
    just open the FIX_MAP1R.BAT with notepad, change "chestfix" to "chestfiles" and it works.

    now my question is, the skit's fix is done automatically with map's one ?

  8. #528
    higher87 Guest
    the skits aren't from the map file but the root one, i fixed that one first and skits are now in english.

  9. #529
    mamu Guest
    sorry i haven't noticed it as i have both chestfix and chestfiles folder it is easier to just rename chestfiles folder to chestfix than editing the bat files.

  10. #530
    bernywtf Guest
    not really as i did that first thing and it didn't work for me, so i did change the name in the bat, and it worked.

    skits are for rootr, right, i mistyped that, but is it automated in the bat ? i can see the check on the folder, but not it being actually used to repack it, am i wrong ?

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